Aslain's XVM Mod

Aslain's XVM Mod v3.0.14 (8.9)

Change log

v3.0.14 (14-11-2013):
- XVM updated to r2947
- installer: added missing Calibri and Cuprum fonts
- modpack: reduced font size on damagedpanel hits
- modpack: added Received Damage Announcer v1.7
- modpack: added Session Statistic v0.8.9.1_DWa
- modpack: added Hangar Clock

v3.0.13 (13-11-2013):
- XVM updated to r2940 (r2941-2945 are bugged)
- all download links replaced with one installer

v3.0.12 (10-11-2013):
- XVM updated to r2935
- updated languages de, jp
- exclude Application.swf (please delete it from your res_mods !)

v3.0.11 (09-11-2013):
- XVM updated to r2927

v3.0.10 (06-11-2013):
- XVM updated to r2924
- mod pack: updated J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.34
- reduced thickness of the minimap 445m circle
- pinger re-enabled in the Classical mod version

v3.0.9 (05-11-2013):
- XVM updated to 2922
- polish language updated
- pinger fix
- mod pack: added 15 sec damage indicator
- mod pack: added colored angles to damage panel mod
- mod pack: added new tanks to effective armor calculator mod
- fix: stats hidding on the hitlog only version
- fix: WinChance Enabler addon is showing correct stats now
- still crashing (delete application.swf if you don't want to crash)

v3.0.8 (04-11-2013):
- XVM updated to build 2914

v3.0.7 (03-11-2013):
- all pingers re-enabled
- XVM updated to build 2894

v3.0.6 (01-11-2013):
- disabled hangar pinger (temporary)
- mod pack: removed Received Damage Announcer due to game performance issues
- mod pack: removed garage clock due to overlapping on the XVM elements
- mod pack: dmgpanel replaced with Damage panel_Dellux_0890

- server pings temporary disabled
- attempt to fix crashing

- XVM updated to build 2909
- squad fix

- XVM updated to XVM-5.0.1-test2
- removed clan icons folders
- fixed vehiclenames.xc
- mod pack: re-attached garage clock

- XVM updated to build 2904
- mod pack: updated to Damage-Panel-GambitER-0.8.9-v.1-Beta

- XVM updated to build 2900
- fixed vehicle class color macro
- fixed vehiclenames.xc
- added T7 Car icon

- adaptation to WoT 0.8.9
- XVM updated to v5.0.1-test1
- removed average vehicle level from playerspanel

- XVM updated to build 2884
- updated language files
- updated alternative configs
- changed nick field on playerspanel
- changed transparency settings on hp bar marker
- mod pack: damage panel changed to Damage-Panel-GambitER-0.8.8-v.1-Beta-fix.2 with my own style applied

- XVM updated to build 2858
- updated language files for de, es, hu, cs, ko, no, sr

- XVM updated to build 2841
- added Type 64 icon
- fixed T-44-85 and Chi-Nu Kai icons
- mod pack: updated Received Damage Announcer to v1.6
- mod pack: fixed 15 sec damageindicator

- XVM updated to build 2833
- Added the 8.9 CT version to downloads
- added new german TD line icons (the 8.9 version)
- mod pack: added xvm tank carousel

- XVM updated to build 2819
- added no language
- fixed cs language
- fixed hitlog's header formatting
- fixed KV-3 vehicle name
- mod pack: added effective armor calculator
- mod pack: damage indicator switched to 15 sec one

- XVM updated to build 2813 (post 5.0.0-test4)
- UserStat mod is back to garage (profile, TC, CW)
- the crew managment in back to garage ("put best crew" etc.)
- reduced thickness of the minimap view square and circles
- reduced average dmg font size on hitlog
- re-added custom vehicle names, to match tank names on contour icons
- added translation to serbian and bulgarian languages
- minor updates to some other languages
- mod pack - no shake mod removed
- mod pack - switched to the outer version of damagepanel
- mod pack - Received Damage Announcer updated to v1.5

- XVM updated to build 2718 (XVM 5.0 test3+)
- Hitlog reworked again, final version hopefully

- Based on XVM 2702
- all translations changed to work with my icon structure
- New hitlog with class icons
- clan icons fix
- VK4502B icon fix
- clean up of obsolete icon files
- hitlog only mod fix
- Mod Pack updated with no-gun-shake mod

- based on XVM build 2696
- applied temporary workaround for battleloading claincons
- further tunes of statisticform and battleloading nicknames filed
- small font face change in hitlog
- damage done is back to the battleresulsts main window
- Received Damage Announcer updated to 0.7 in the Mod Pack
- hitlog version has stats disabled by default

- Based on XVM build 2655
- Icon fix for SPG 212A
- player name changes on battleloading and statistic tab
- minimap square thickness change
- the Mod Pack updated with Received Damage Announcer v0.4

- XVM updated to build 2653
- featuring auto skip intro and autologin (edit login.xc)
- small change to yellow WN6 color
- reworked hplog

- XVM updated to build 2637
- removed extra mods from the main mod, and moved to Aslain's Mod Pack (on EU forum thread)

- based on XVM-5.0.0-test2
- 50m autodetection circle fix
- removed the time of hit from damagepanel

- integration with a damage indicator mod
- removed Dynamic tank ranges mod, as it was causing(?) strange behaviour with some users
- please delete currentvehicle.pyc and tankranges.xc
- some small tunes to minimap stuff
- added icons for the enemy spotted status (grey - hidden, red - revealed but hidden again, green - revealed)
- fix for Polish language file
- based on XVM build 2598 (aka test2)

- XVM updated to build 2586
- integration with the Tank Minimap Ranges by Omegaice
- integration with Damagepanel with angleindicator by KillerEnte94
- changed color on minimap tank traverse angles

- adaptation to WoT 0.8.8
- based on XVM-5.0.0-test1
- xvm-stat, Dokan and .NET Framework is not required now. Please, delete xvm-stat.exe
- hitlog fix for foreign languages
- minimap icon scale changed from 0.7 to 0.8
- changed clanicons path to res_mods\xvm\res\clanicons\

- XVM updated to 4.1.1
- added Finnish, French, German, Hungarian, Korean, Polish, Spanish and Vietnamese translations

- changed iconscale on the minimap
- changed size of text labels on the minimap

- the minimap code updated again to fix the ghosting issue
- XVM.ttf font needed to be installed

- XVM updated to 4.1.0
- fixed wrong tiers on some spg's
- minimap code updated

- based on XVM 4.0.0
- added vehicle icons for update 8.7

- 6th sense icon location fix
- the 56-19 vehicle name fix
- added new stock turret icons
- the wings of death are now colored by foe/ally

- added custom 6th sense icon
- the camera sight line is slightly thiner now
- hidden tank icons on minimap has been dimmed down a little bit further
- small change to shadow settings of the hidden tanks on minimap
- font size for own & squadman damage hits has been enlarged (only on alive enemies)
- fine-tuned colors of friendly and enemy capping text

- added a horizontal line to header on hitlog
- changed total damage done color on hitlog
- added average damage during the battle on hitlogs header
- hidden tank icons on minimap has been dimmed down a bit
- added russian hitlog icons for compatibility with the RU WoT client

- the minimap complete overhaul
- the XVM font is not needed anymore
- enhanced server ping on login screen and hangar
- tutorial button is back (because of hangars' ping changes)

- Tutorial button disabled and server ping moved into that place
- Hitlog tab steps corrected, it's columns shouldn't break anymore
- an exclamation mark removed from the ammorack floating message
- AMX-50 Foch, and AMX-50 (155) icons and labels changed respectively to Foch, and Foch (155)

- enhanced the wings of death with floating destroyed tank name
- fix: AMX-13 105 and AMX-105 AM icons
- hitlog reworked and it's size enlarged by about 25%
- removed the premium stars from over target markers (to keep cleaner look)
- lowered shadow intensity of hp/hpmax marker
- the ammorack explosion icons removed and replaced with the wings + ammorack message
- stock turret marker icon changed to the WN6 marker look & style
- enlarged font size for tank names on a minimap by 1 point
- ping font size and location slightly tuned on login and hangar screen

- added the wings of death to floating destroyed vehicle names
- small fix to enemy ammorack explosion icon color
- CB version: SPG's icon color fix
- CB version: reworked CB colors

- regular floating damage are back to 2.7.4 settings (3 secs display, distance 60, down from 5/80). I've found it annoying on the long run. Floating damage of destroyed vehicles, ammorack explosion text and icon remains changed however

- ammorack icon fix
- floating damage fix

- leFH18 B2 icon moved to correct tier
- new config build using XVM editor 0.53 and Split9_3.js converter

- hitlog fix
- reworked contour icons for B-C 155 (58), B-C 155 (55), GW Tiger (P)

- XVM updated to 4.0.0
- adaptation to WoT 8.6
- the 8.6 tank names added to the vehicles section
- config was cleaned up and it's structure has been reworked again
- destroyed vehicle marker font and shadow slightly reduced in size
- destroyed vehicle will have it's name floating up along with dmg number
- floating damage will linger 2 seconds longer on the screen


Uploaded on
Nov 14, 2013
Game version
  • Update 8.9
4.8 MiB