PAC12 Logos

Damage Panel with PAC 12 Logos

Sep 04, 2016 Release
Show your fan spirit Damage Panel with PAC 12 logos as a background To Install: Choose your logo from the archive (zip) directory Copy/move the gui directory from the archive (zip) to res_mods/x.x.x/ Where x.x.x is the current game version
Damage Panel Examples

NFL Logos

Sep 04, 2016 Release
Show your fan spirit Damage Panel with NFL logos as a background To Install: Choose your logo from the archive (zip) directory Copy/move the gui directory from the archive (zip) to res_mods/x.x.x/ Where x.x.x is the current game version

Clan Icons for XVM North America

Aug 20, 2016 Release
Some of you, like me, have gotten frustrated that XVM has stopped producing their icon packs. And, unless you know a lot about mods, the existing icon packs no longer work. So I created a new icon pack. Just unzip into your World of Tanks folder. (typically c:\games\World_of_Tanks) Only 1 person downloaded the Delta file. So I'm not going to do them any more. Sorry for the delay on this new release but it's summer and I've been crazy busy. Enjoy this new release. 02/2016: I know its been a...
Clock Date Time

Clock in Hangar

Aug 10, 2016 Release
Currently requires manual install. Unarchive files into the World of Tanks game directory. They should be three folders in the res_mods/0.x.x/ directory, gui, scripts, config-examples. Configuration including location change via the ConfigHangarClock.xml file Additional configurations included in the config-examples directory. To change copy the configHangarClock.xml file into the res_mods/x.x.x/gui/flash directory More details
dirtyred logo

[9.15.1] dirtyred's XVM

Aug 06, 2016 Release
Works with Update 9.15.1 XVM no more included, so you can update XVM any time you want and keep using my config. Changes made to the default XVM configs: TODO: Average damage with currect tank displayed on the loading screen and ingame statistics form (Tab) Using the most up-to-date WN8 scale, which has more levels and the intervals are also a bit different (+/- 100). Installation Step 0 Download XVM first: Step 1 Unzip the downloaded file in your World of...


Aug 06, 2016 Inactive
This mod will replace your standard Sixth Sense indicator with a triangle featuring Admiral Ackbar and the sound of his famous line. Only 3 files and requires XVM. This version is built for WoT and the associate XVM versions. Watch the demo. Demo can be seen here

Sounds instead of crew voices

Aug 04, 2016 Release
* Simple sounds v6.4, supports WoT and later * No mater how great crew voices mod you install, you will get bored of them after several battles. Not mentioning original ones ;) I've prepared a voicepack which replaces crew voices with short&simple sounds. After installing this, your tank crew will stop talking at all. You will get short sound notifications instead. All non-important sounds were removed, leaving only ones worth attention of experienced player. NOTE: If you're a...

Grandpa's Visibility and Lighting Mod

Jul 30, 2016 Release
This mod does three things: Removes the "bloom", in 0.8.0 WG added "bloom" to the lighting, this removes it making the lighting softer and less harsh Removes the "fog of war", actually just the fog at the outer reaches of the visible map Enhances the lighting for the maps, makes them brighter, with less darkening Increases visibility range Take a look at my other mods on Curse Arasgrandpa's Mods DISCLAIMER I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the...

Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker

Jul 27, 2016 Release
This modification will block minimap ping spam by enforcing certain restrictions: Within a given timeframe (10 seconds by default) a player can only create a given number (3 by default) minimap pings to different and a single ping to an individual cell. Further pings will be noted and keep that player blocked.

Damage Panel w/ Angle Indicator, HitLog, Center CTRL Repair and Repair Timer |SoloReborn|

Jul 27, 2016 Release
Description: Damage Panel with Angles and Advanced HitLog In front of every tank there's a little white indicator showing the direction where your tank is pointing at Credits: KillerEnte94 [EU] (for letting me continue support of this mod) GambitER [RU] (for his Advanced HitLog) Xft [EU] (for their HitLog config) Installation: 1. Install DamageLog.otf font from folder "1_Font" 2. From folder "2_DamagePanels" choose a Damage Panel you wish to install use the preview image to help. 3. Open a...


Jul 12, 2016 Release
Eng: M.L- Warg (or Multi Launcher Wargaming ) is a small program that lets you collect 3 shortcuts games wargaming ( World of Tanks , World of Warships and World of Warplanes ) in 1 desktop shortcut (3 in 1). More space on your desktop and launch your favorite games quickly. FR: M.L-Warg ( ou Multi Launcher Wargaming) est un petit programme qui vous permet de rassembler les 3 raccourcis des jeux wargaming (World of Tanks, World of Warships et World of Warplanes) en 1 seul raccourci bureau (3...
Enhanced 089 Version

Grandpa's KISS XVM Enhanced Edition

Jul 08, 2016 Release
PLEASE READ ALL OF DESCRIPTION FOR CHANGES Due to changes in XVM as of and XVM version 6.4.0, the difference between KISS Standard XVM and Enahnced XVM is nonexistent. So I am discontinuing updates of this mod. Get KISS Standard and KISS Style 2 icons and you are as close ans you can get to this configuration. Please review this page for changes between versions Grandpa's XVM Editions This is ONLY the XVM version, not Grandpa's KISS Battle Interface (AIO) to get the All-in-One,...
Z hotkey


Jul 02, 2016 Inactive
NOT WORKING FOR Due to how Wot reads mods this mods outdated. IF or as soon as I get a updated version I will re activate mod ! . This is a Hotkey configuration that gives you the ability to send pre-programed messages to your team or all players. Examples: I'm spotted , O7 .. GG, Reloading {with how many sec to reload }, and more. The best thing is you can personalize the keys by using Note Pad. You can also use the Z key to bring up different commands and Z+Alt gives you another...

Tidyed Minimap with newer design

Jun 21, 2016 Inactive
This mod adds a Newer Minimap thats more Tidyed on Some map: - Ensk - Cliff - Prohorovka - El Hallouf
Panzer Waltz

Panzer Waltz Mod 0.3 by JJHarkov

Jun 17, 2016 Inactive
This is a simple modification that changes default loading screens with ones with Panzer Waltz girls.
Crosshair Mod Banner

J1mB0's Crosshair Mod [Discontinued]

Jun 11, 2016 Release
Due to the changes WG made in I will no longer work on my Crosshair Mod to keep it updated! Thanks to everyone for using it the past years and I hope you find something new you like. Original one was by marsoff. Redesigned, optimized it and added various other very useful things. Main feature is reload timer and angles for Artillery and Tank Destroyers. Two aim circles increase ability to hit the target without aiming fully if used correctly. Outer circle covers 100% of all hits and...
The Different Types

LordReaver's - "Fade" Contour Icons

Jun 11, 2016 Release
Simple yet aesthetically pleasing, color coded contour icons. They are semi transparent so as not to obscure what is behind them. Yet they are still easily definable at a glance. Note: The grey areas in the preview picture are transparent in the game. Heavies = Red Mediums = Orange Lights = Yellow Tank Destroyers = Blue Artillery = Green White stripes indicate a premium vehicle. Drop the res_mods folder into your world of tanks folder.

"ASS Zoom" Artasan's Smooth Scope Zoom 30x 10lvl =)

Jun 02, 2016 Inactive
MOD: This is 30x, 10 levels Sniper Zoom config of mine for ZoomX mod (included). Zoom level indicator. Best for hunting bugs on enemy tank from 500m distance =) NOTE: If You prefer version with No Scroll switching between modes, look for file named SMOOTH_ZOOM_xxx_NS in Other Downloads section. How to install: Extract archive into the root folder of the game (with overwrite confirmations). Check out My other WoT MOD's and Configs. Author of the MOD: koshnaranek

Hetumoger's Girl Mod WOT 9.15

May 31, 2016 Inactive
It's an World of Tanks Mod Pack, which change your game's gui and voice to erotic (not porn) style. It's contains the following: Garage: girl crew in all nations (various in hangar and barrack) metal styled windows red cursor girl styled loading icon new stronghold map girl styled platoon window login screens with erotic girls after battle statistic some new button style reworked ranks Battle: battle loading screens with erotic girls, and with tactical minimap battlefield styled ribbons sixth...

Elkano's XVM Config

May 31, 2016 Release
My personal config for XVM using WoW's rarity colors for skill rating and number of games played. (I know, I should add some screenshots...) XVM can be downloaded from Custom contour icons will be loaded from res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contour\ Colors Rating and # Games ColorXWN-RatingGlobal GamesTank Games #646464< 17 (worst 20% of players)nonenone #9D9D9D< 30 (better than 20% of players)< 1k< 50 #FFFFFF< 36 (better than 50% of players)< 2k<...