Realistic AMX 13 57 GF mod

Jul 17, 2015 Inactive
This is a "retexture" of the AMX 13 57 GF. This mod makes it look like a normal AMX 13 57. If you want your AMX 13 57 GF to look more historically correct, this mod is for you. Little note: All of the textures used to create this mod belong to

roop's tank contours

May 31, 2015 Inactive
the forums on WoT are filled with Tank Contour Icons - this one is done with TIM v043 - redone ala ASLAIN Style the icons were relit & re-coloured the new icons were stamped with each country's battle symbol standard installation for X.X.X as of 0.9.8 unzip in WoT game folder (file contains folders "res_mods\X.X.X\gui\maps\icons\tankmen\ranks")


Feb 09, 2013 Inactive
This mod will help people, by adding sounds and auto clicking in the mini map showing current enemy position, the ones you spotted, and the ones that will try to attempt to flank the player. This mod also comes with where to aim guide, by the sound telling the name of the tank you're facing and it's available weakspot. Also it comes in handy when you're hit as it will tell you where you were shot. Like the computer will tell you that @ theres a tank in that bush!@ and point a arrow to it. It...