Hawg's Alternative XVM

Sep 24, 2016 Release
Country Boy's XVM is a simple Laid back XVM. It is FREE of all that Bling, Glitter and Bright Lights. If simple is what you want, try " Hawg's " XVM . It's a lot like BonusCode XVM but just a bit more simpler. The "Hawg " is a simpler with less traditional xvm colors ( just 5 colors ) which is less confusing. The Markers Alive file is toned down a bit too, all to help you focus on the.. battle .Like " Bonus Code XVM " this version also keeps track of... "Mark of Excellence " in garage and...
Damage Log - Text Version (Default)

Grandpa's Damage and HitLog (No XVM)

Sep 22, 2016 Release
Two versions: Graphics and Text This mod adds a Damage Log (who you hit) and a HitLog (who hit you) to the standard Damage Panel configuration. Will also work with many of the custom damage panel configurations such as Gambiter and Kokabg. See here for additional damage panels DOES NOT REQUIRE XVM INSTALLATION To install, move the res_mods folder from the verrsion of your choice in the archive file into the World of Tanks game directory. Font installation, install the fonts in the font folder...
KISS Standard

Grandpa's KISS Interface (XVM)

Sep 22, 2016 Release
PLEASE READ ALL OF DESCRIPTION FOR CHANGES Please review this page for changes between versions Grandpa's XVM Editions This is ONLY the XVM version, not Grandpa's KISS Battle Interface (AIO) to get the All-in-One, please go here Grandpa's KISS AIOs Most curent download KISS XVM KISS XVM Configuration with Standard and Enhanced Installation After download, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game folder. Or to do it manually, copy the following from the res_mods...

Hawg's Battle Loading Flags

Sep 22, 2016 Release
...NEW MOD !!!! Hawg's Battle Loading Flags,This mod will replace the stock or any other contour icon Just on battle loading,with real flags of nation of each tank .This mods only works in battle loading. So you can keep your favorite In game contour icons .Easy to install.

Hawg's Flag Emblems

Sep 22, 2016 Release
...NEW MOD !!!! This mod changes the stock markers on tanks that show what nation they are from, both in garage and in battle .This will help you to determine which country the tank is from. It will put a flag icon on the tank where stock emblem marker was. This mod will not cover up your own gold stickers. .Wooo Pig Soooie ! .
4HOTA  Xvm

Hawg's " Bonus Code XVM "

Sep 22, 2016 Release
NEVER YEILD !!!! " XVM + Contours " .This XVM is like a bonus code for WOT. Over 250,000 battles went into the making of this XVM. It is simple with less clutter than other WoT's Xvm configs. It has a neater look in battle and in garage. Bonus CodeXvm is less painful on some slow pc compared to other XVM configs. also added are the "Hawgs Contours icons" which are simple but Powerful, These Contours will help you focus on what's important......... The battle. No more information overload from...
Focus & spotted

Hawg's "Color Blind" Version

Sep 22, 2016 Release
Hawg XVM "Color Blind" { Or Just to be different } version. This is the same as "Hawg XVM" simple with less clutter than most XVM configurations. It has a neater look in battle and garage, it's also less painful on some slow pc's compared to other XVM's. All the colors are set for players with color issues. We have also added tank contours that are simple and easier to see. MARK OF EXCELLENCE TRACKER PING & ONLINE TRACKER + UP TO 3 ROW CAROUSEL IMPORTANT BUT SIMPLE INFO ON BATTLE LOADING EASY...
Image 4

Hawg's "Image Garage Clock's"

Sep 22, 2016 Release
Image Clock's. This mod puts a nice personalized clock in your garage. You have 18 different clocks to choose from. Simple to install, just pick the clock you want in your garage and follow the the install directions. EASY TO INSTALL
Icon Mod

Aslain's XVM Mod

Sep 21, 2016 Release
Are you tired of default tank contours, that tells you basicaly nothing about it, except for the tank contour itself? Try my custom contour icons, with them you will not only have a brand new colored and tiered vehicle names, but also XVM - which means nice floating dmg numbers, custom health bars and more.... The mod is in developement since WoT's closed beta back in 2010, and is one of the first icon mods ever created. The purpose of it was to replace ugly, and useless contour icons in...
Version 1

Grandpa's KISS Crosshairs

Sep 20, 2016 Release
This is my mod of the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) Crosshairs. Now with TWO versions On screen info includes: Loading time rounds in clip % health Meters to target In arty, time to target Traverse indicator for arty and TD In the sniper mod, you can see the enemy armor ratings ===== Installation ===== INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Copy/move the gui and scripts directories from the version of your choice in the archive (zip) file to res_mods/x.x.x directory, where x.x.x is the current game version...
Foch 155

Hawg's Balls Paint Damage

Sep 19, 2016 Release
...This mod will improve your game play by marking a penetrated shot with a green paintball splatter and a red splatter on non penetrated shot. You will know where to aim your next shot and not waste it on a Non penetrating shot. Unlike other paintball mods that have multi color chart that are hard to recognize and remember what color is what, 4Hota paintball is simple....Green splatter you aim for and red splatter you don' just that simple. Easy to install.. Paint Ball Damage Color...
Minimal Tank icons

minimal tank contours by 4hota

Sep 19, 2016 Release
WORKS IN BATTLE NO XVM NEEDED Hawgs minimal tank icon contours,Phase 1. Simple but powerful. Many times too much effort is spent putting the exact tank "profile" picture in place. We have made a few different icons to make things less confusing and cluttered. Here are the icons of the tank types. This helps keep the information overload to a minimum. To learn more about 4HOTA vist us Feel free to request a mod ,contact [email protected] EASY TO INSTALL

Aslain's Gold Premium Tanks

Sep 19, 2016 Release
This mod is changing garage icons of premium vehicles into a gold color.
XVM Config Banner

J1mB0's XVM Config

Sep 18, 2016 Release
XVM: eXtended Visualisation Mod: Homepage This XVM config enhances Minimap, HitLog, PlayerPanel and includes a custom DamagePanel with config. - Copy the "res_mods" folder to: "\World of Tanks" Important questions should be asked HERE as I normally don't read the curse comments. Twitter: Link to my Twitter profile where you can follow me to get an instant notification on mod update release. Twitch: Follow me to see when I'm streaming....
Contour Icon Mod Banner

J1mB0's Contour Icon Mod

Sep 18, 2016 Release
Colored icons for vehicle type indication. - Copy the "res_mods" folder to: "\World of Tanks" Important questions should be asked HERE as I normally don't read the curse comments. Twitter: Link to my Twitter profile where you can follow me to get an instant notification on mod update release. Twitch: Follow me to see when I'm streaming. Not streaming lately as my internet upload is not good enough.

[Model Swap] Polish Armored Forces Project

Sep 17, 2016 Release
Model Swap: CHN: TYPE-59 => T-55A USSR: T-34-85 => T-34-85 RUDY USSR: T-26 => 7TP USSR: BT-7 => 10TP UK: UC2 Pdr. => TK-S This project aims to swap WoT Stock tanks with tanks used by Polish Armored Forces: Type-59 to T-55A T-34-85 to T-34-85 RUDY from the mighty "Czterej Pancerni i Pies", T-26 to polish light tank 7TP /fully upgradable from stock to elite, with polish gui/, BT-7 to polish cruiser tank 10TP /fully upgradable from stock to elite, with polish gui/, UC2 Pdr. to polish tankette...
focus fire

Hawg's Target Arrow

Sep 17, 2016 Release
....HAWG'S TARGET ARROW ,This mod . Replace the standard marker attacks arrow. This mod will help you to see wher to focus fire on enemy ,from teammates request , it simply changes the visual appearance of the marker.There is 7 colors to pick from,Yellow,Red,Green,Blue,Purple,White & Black EASY TO INSTALL

Hawg's ''Arty MiniMap Aim''

Sep 17, 2016 Release
This mod will give you the upper hand. When you're in a arty the stock minimap has been changed by adding a crosshair that points at what your pointing at. Most good arty players use the minimap as a major tool in battle. This mod will allow you to pinpoint your target faster while the crosshairs are moving across the map.This advantage will make the difference......This mod is a must for all arty players..Works with XVM only. 6 crosshairs to pick from .Easy to install.. Works great with any...
Spreed Sheet

Hawg's 6th Sense Bulbs

Sep 17, 2016 Release
.."Hawg Sense Bulbs"......... 38 different Bulbs to pick from, this will change the stock bulbs to a more noticeable icon. This mod works with XVM ONLY. EASY TO INSTALL
4HOTA Mark Of Excellent

Hawg's Mark Of Excellence

Sep 17, 2016 Release
... Hawg's Mark of Excellence.We are all proud of our Marks of Excellence so why not use a mod that will help you see others and your own.This mod will help your hard earned Mark of Excellence show up like a 1st place trophy. All Marks are distinctive but not to bold. EASY TO INSTALL A 'Sofa Edition'