Terra! 3D Tactical Battle Designer

This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of World of Tanks. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Terra! is back!

With incredible effort by SkaceKachna and myself,
we managed to hack enough of the space.bin to get
Terra! working again!

This is Terra!

What is it?
My 2 year long project to develop a 3D tactical design tool for clans to use.
It has a server and a client so you can host or join planning sessions.

This is in beta.. (read might not work as expected)

There have been issues with the shaders and AMD Video Cards.
I don't have one to test on and without feed back, I can't fix it if I don't know there is a problem.

Over the last few months..
I have added high resolution texturing to the terrain along with bump mapping. I also added bump mapping to all other models Terra! loads. This how ever will require a newer video card so... I have left the start up mode as low resolution. You are welcome to change it and see if your video card can handle it.

You can put Terra! in DEV mode.

This allows editing the shaders and searching the map chunks, displaying chunk info and all the images the terrain uses.

If you screw up a shader.. be ready to down load Terra! again...
Do the right thing and back up the shader folder before messing with them.
If anyone can make the shaders faster with out killing the bump mapping,
I would give you credit for the work. Read the next line.

There is an email at the end in the help file. Please send comments and report anything strange Terra! is doing.

The server will need a good solid broadband connection if you are going to host more than a few users... DSL if its fast enough will work. typical bandwidth usage per user is about 23k so 10 connections will need 230k upstream internet connection.

Any one can drive around and move tanks if the hosts sets them to driver.. Read the help files.

If you want to just use this to explore the Maps in World of Tanks, you can use it for that as well but it is truly designed for battle planning.

I have a stand alone version of the server but this has not been released. You can connect to (my VPS) using the default password dec7th_1941 to check that the client is working. Remember to allow Terra! through your firewall.

There is an email address at the end of the help file. Use it to ask questions, report bugs or just to comment on this project.

The best way to use Terra is to rent a good VPS or small dedicated game server to run the Server on.. which I will be releasing if people actually donate to this project. My VPS costs 8 bucks a month and has a bandwidth of 90mbps and 1T Xfer cap. The server requires very little CPU to support 15 people. Its all about band width.

Some info you need to know.

When you start hosting a session.. you wont be able to move around on the map until you become the driver.. Click your name in the list on the right side of the chat window. If you are host.. you can make anyone else the driver.. and they in turn can pass the driving on to some one else.

Because you ARE the host.. you can re-assign the driver back to yourself or anyone else.

The Host's name will be in DARK RED. Any spectator's name will be BLACK and the driver's name will be YELLOW.

If you are just watching, you can't do anything but watch and chat.. unless the host makes you the driver.

The screen will be BLACK until the Host or someone is actually moving.. this will force screen updates.

If for some reason.. tanks are not updating on the map.. make sure (If you are just watching) to open the team layout/setup window. Some times windows forms wont update if they are hidden.

The Network software uses threads.. when you close down the server or client.. the thread has to stop.. Terra! will wait until this thread is killed. Usually this is a short time.. 2-3 seconds.. I have however seen it take 5 or more seconds depending on what other apps are running. Give it time.. It will close and kill the thread and Terra! will return back to its normal mode.

TERRA!'S NETWORK SENDS NO PERSONAL INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COMPUTER OR YOU. You can trust that I would never do that to you as I would never want it to happen to me. If anyone has WireShark, you can test this app to see what its sending in the packets. Its only location and tank information and occasional chat messages.

Some Technical information:

The network sends chat messages independent of Terra state information.
Log in and chat messages must get there and is guaranteed to be delivered. Locations or State information does not always have to make it.
To speed up networking for this, I use a setting in Lidgren's software that doesn't guarantee the packets will all get there but if they do, they will be in the right order. State information contains the current point on the map ( X,Z ).. the look angles and the view distance.
The Y position is always calculated from where the X and Z point is on the map. If a tank is selected, Terra will send its ID, X,Z and rotation.
Next.. to reduce sending all the tank setup information in one packet, Terra will send one of the setup states in the team setup window.
Terra! will cycle through all the tanks in the setup window and send one per network frame. The timing for frames is 16 per second because there is no point in flooding the network with too much data that might overload everything and cause excessive packet loss.


Terra! should never harm any files on your system.. If it does.. I take no responsibility for it... In other words.. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I have done my best to make Terra! stable (I.E. wont crash on you). Because Terra! only READS from the data in world of tanks.. the chance of it corrupting a file is very low. However, if you are like me.. you have already backed up your WoT folder some where. I don't trust any mods and you should not either.


You need World of Tanks installed on the same computer you install Terra! on. Terra! uses many of the games resources in the .pkg files.
Everything that this app accesses belongs to Wargaming.net
There is absolutely NO code from the game client or anywhere else in this App.. I created every line of code myself.

Read the help file for information on open source programs I use with Terra!

Updating the map lists Terra! can display when loading a file:

There is a file called map_list.txt in the root folder "coffee_"

At the top of this file it explains how to edit this...
All you have to do is add or replace the names in this file.
The format is : map image name : and the name as it reads in the game. The order does not matter. The list is sorted in the app.





86_himmelsdorf_winter.png:Winter Himmelsdorf

05_prohorovka.png:Firey Salient

Happy Hunting... and please.. give me feed back via the email link in the help info. It will help me make this work better for you and everyone else.


Please feel free to donate if you like this app and want it's development to continue.


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