Hawg's Alternative XVM + Gun Sights (XVM)


Country Boy's XVM is a simple Laid back XVM. It is FREE of all that Bling, Glitter and Bright Lights. If simple is what you want, try " Hawg's " XVM . The "Hawg " is a simpler with less traditional xvm colors ( just 5 colors ) which is less confusing. The Markers Alive file is toned down a bit too, all to help you focus on the.. battle.


Hawgs Xvm also keeps track of... "Mark of Excellence " in garage and "Hit point score" too....... also added are the "Hawgs Real Time Contours Icons" which are simple but Powerful, These Contours will help you focus on what's important......... The battle. Over 300,000 battles went into the making of Hawg XVM. Just remember ,Its ok to drink *from a garden water hose.


All 48 Screen Shots


User Friendly

No need to add extra Fonts like most other Xvm , that may drop your FPS, Or even Slow your Pc down ..... Hawg's Alternative Xvm is design to help your FPS ,not to drop them like others. 


Autoaim Detection 

You must activate your own autoaim before you can see autoaim detection . You will see a blue Crosshairs above tanks that has autoaim locked onto them.


Clan War Map Builder -Xvm

Is a Tool to build Tactical Maps, for Your Clan to View in Battle and to help Prepare for ClanWars .This mod is a must for all Clans Officers. This mod has all the Maps, with Coordinates & Grid.


 Hawgs Tactical Spg ,TD , Passive Scott Minimaps ,

 You now can see the popular mod Hawgs Tactical Spg ,TD , Passive Scott   Minimaps , Just push Hot key M to see the tactical map. To turn off or on or change hotkey , its located in Hawgpen > battle >  Hawg_Tacitcal_Maps.


How to install youtube


To activate xvm click link to xvm



70 HawgPen


How to edit MainFrame & HawgPen




How Edit Hawgpen youtube



NOTE : Xvm SAFE SHOT is turn Off by default you must turn it on In HawgPen


Now you can turn Off all Xvm function Completely , If you just want one part of Xvm but nothing else Now you can Have that. I made it super easy to do so. I made a folder in my Xvm called MainFrame, Located in > res_mods > configs> xvm > HAWGS > HawgPen > MainFrame , Inside of it is 10 different folders > To all the skeptics that is scared to use Xvm , this will not cause lag . So now if you just want to use my GunSights with no xvm , or any other part ,Now you can ! Folders added are >

- Camera

- CaptureBar

- Carousel

- Clocks

- DamageLog

- Hitlog

- MiniMap

- Over_Tank_Markers

- PlayersPanel

- Sounds


Added the "HawgPen" Configs , So now you got 232 Xvm function to turn ON/OFF or adjust to your preference ,if you don't like the default settings.Here is a list of just a few function. _MainFrame (Main 10 Function ) ,Battle_AverageDamage , Battle_BattleScore , Battle_Efficiency , Battle_HighCaliber , Battle_NotHawgsIconContours , Battle_Postmortem , Battle_SafeShot , Battle_SixthSense , Battle_TotalHP , Camera_ArtySkyZoomOut , Camera_FlashBang , Camera_Hawgzoom , Camera_TankSkyZoomOut , Carousel_NationFlags , Carousel_Row , Carousel_Stats , Carousel_TankIcons , GunSights ( 23 functions inside main folder ) , Hangar_Crew_AutoReturn , Hangar_Equip_AutoReturn , Hangar_Statistics , Hangar_Tank_Average_Damage , Hangar_Tank_Average_Kills , Hangar_Tank_Expected _Kills , Hangar_Tank_HitPoints , Hangar_Tank_NationFlags , Hangar_Tank_Tank_Top_Damage , Hangar_Tank_TechName , Hangar_Tank_WinRate , Hangar_Tank_WN8 , Hangar_TankBattles_Stats , Login_AutoLogin , Markers_HealthBar , Markers_Icons , Markers_LevelIcon , Markers_RatingMarker , PlayersPanel_ClanIcon_NickName_Icon , PlayersPanel_Platoon



-Added to HawgPen Gunsights Now you can turn On or Off 23 different gun sights function

Default is turn Off on each ,to Turn On Use Hawpen Folder "GunSights"


The GunSights folders are located in Hawgpen :

AimDistances , Arty_AimTime , Arty_Distance , Arty_HealthBar , Arty_ReloadBar , Arty_Shell_FlightTime , Arty_Shell_Penetration , Arty_ShellSpeed , Arty_SplashSphere ( Hotkey B ) , Center_X_Mark , ClipReloadTime , HealthBar , HealthBarCircle , Hitpoints , Penetration , PlayerName , ReloadBar , ReloadCountDown, ReloadTime , ShellType , TankInfo , TargetPlayerReloadTime , TargetPlayerVision .


Note :You can Transfer all your setting from Hawgpen to each update


Just copy folder HawgPen than paste over updated version , Just do after you install update

Hawg Pen Example Page ( Click Here )


NOTE: true or false must be in lower case letter. 


HawgPen file path.....World_of_Tanks > res_mods > configs > xvm > HAWGS> HawgPen > EASY to do! Open with Notepad or NotePad + +. Open the folder you want to adjust, right click on the ".xc file" and click "Edit with Note Pad " Then You change the true or false and save changes. Sixth Sense, Carousel and Zoom just add the number you want. You can look at the "Example" in each file to see what each function does.


Real Time Battle Score
Instead of the red and green tanks, at the top of your screen during battle, you now have colored icons matching those in the players panel. When a tank is destroyed there icon is deleted from the list. With a quick glance you can see how many heavys, meds, lights etc.... are left on each team.


In the hangar you will find some function you have never seen before ...
The hangar clock will show in its background a tanks nation flag, the flag will change everytime you pick a different nation of tanks..
Also you will see some interesting stats displayed.


Battle Messages added
Hit By Arty ,
I Am Spotted , 
Team Damage ,
Reload Clip ,
All are turn off by default, you must turn on in the Hawg Pen


Just remember if you don't like any certain part , you can turn that part of in the HawgPen


Great Addon for this Xvm Try"Hawg's 6th Sense Xvm Bulbs" 38 to pick from  click link Below.

95 e Hawg's 6th Sense Xvm Bulbs 95

Complies with WOT Fair Play Policy

This Xvm Complies to all the Fair Play Policy Rules



                             Armor Ticknes Indicator

                                      Personal Reserve Display


                                                  Daily Battle Record


                                                            Tanks Nation Flag


                                      Advance Stats in hangar


Assign Personal Icons to any player even  Assign Personal Icon to yourself 

 71 icons to pick from



    Gun Sights  You can turn On/Off any Gun Sights Function


   Arty Gun Sights  You can turn On/Off any Gun Sights Function


Arty Splash Sphere HotKey ( B ) You must activate in HawgPen folder first



                               Advance Carousel 



                                                 CAROUSEL Flags



Hawg's  Contour  function  "Real Time Battle Score" 


30x XVM Zoom Implemented & Zoom Indicator

10 different power setting ( 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 24, 27, 30 ) _____Zoom___


Direction Arrow


Direction Arrow

Damage Log







If you dont want to see stats don't activate XVM



To see all of "Hawgs Mods" on his project page clink like below

Hawgs Project Pages






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