WOT PC Maintenance

This is how you maintain your Pc to prevent Lag in Battle


Step 1

Close all open programs (a reboot will be necessary)
Press Start Button (to open start menu)
[On older systems, click Run]
type CMD and hold the left ctrl and shift buttons
press enter
release left 2 buttons

you are now in an authorized shell
enter the following commands one at a time pressing enter after each one:
: ipconfig /flushdns
: arp -d
: netsh int ip reset c:\log.txt
: netsh winsock reset
: shutdown -r -t 0


Step 2

Next, please follow these steps to perform a flush of your DNS cache:

Close all open web browsers and applications on your computer.
Click the “Start” button on your taskbar.
Type “cmd” in the search text field box followed by clicking the “enter” key.
A new window should appear. At the command prompt, type “ipconfig /flushdns” (without the quotation marks) and hit the “enter” key.
After a moment, you should see a message similar to: “Successfully flushed the DNS Resolver Cache.”

Step 3

Click on your START button
Select All Programs
Select Accessories
Then right click on Command Prompt and select "Run as Administrator"
Then in the command window that comes up type in "sfc/scannow" (without quotation marks and no spaces) and press enter.
Let this scan run through .


Step 4

1) Press the START button and type Index into the search box
2) Select the top answer, "Indexing Options".
3) Press the Advanced button. You will need administrative permissions to complete this
4) Select the Rebuild option.


Step 5

1) Type Defrag in your windows search bar

2) Click Defragment and Optimize Drives

4) Click each drive , Select Optimize tab

5) Optimize each drive one at a time


Step 6




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