Top 5 Mistakes Players Make

#1   Being too aggressive 

Being too aggressive is a silly mistake I personally make all the time. I will misread a situation and instead of retreating, I’ll sit stubbornly and continue firing . Worse still is when I venture out too far into the open and get locked down by a cheeky tank continually tracking me .


While it’s not a good idea to be too passive, (unless you’re using one of the best passive scouts in the game) reigning in the aggressive pushes can save your skin. Sometimes it comes down to knowing when to be aggressive and when to relax and take a moment. This sort of decision making comes with playing the game, participating in the community, and reading guides.


A good way to gauge whether to be aggressive is to check what your teammates are doing around you. If your squad is ready for an aggressive push, go for it! If you’re in a wolf pack, be aggressive!


#2   Ignoring the Mini Map 

Much like any game, there are mistakes players make all the time in World of Tanks. These mistakes are simple to make and easy to fix. However, by making these mistakes, you’re not only hindering the success of your team, you’re actively not getting better at World of Tanks.

It’s time to own up, raise your hand, and admit if you make any of these silly mistakes. We’ll be the first to admit that we definitely make these mistakes on a regular basis - it's time we improved.


Let’s get this silly mistake out of the way immediately. Nothing prevents you from winning more than ignoring the mini map – you might as well hit the V-key and turn off your HUD. Knowing how to use the mini map will help you claim victory.

In fact, the mini map is more than that. Utilizing the mini map will help you know when to flank, which in turn leads to more kills. The more kills you get, the more experience and credits you earn. The more credits you earn, the better tanks you can unlock. So really, by making the mistake of ignoring the mini map you’re only hurting yourself.

# 3   Firing the Wrong Shell Type

You know that AP round you’re firing at the turret of the Object 252U? Well, it’s probably not the right shell to be using. One of the silliest mistakes a tanker can make is firing the wrong type of shell at an enemy tank.


Now, we do not mean you should hit the 2-key and start spamming. Instead, take the time to understand the differences between the shell types in World of Tanks. Figuring out how they are different and what they can be used for is your first step to fixing this silly mistake.


If you want to target crew members in an enemy vehicle, using HESH rounds is a good start. Planning on taking down an SPG? Load up some HE rounds and watch them melt. HE shells are good, but they’re not good for every task. Take the time to know when to use HE rounds so you can stop firing the wrong shell types.

#  4  Exposing Weak Points

Another silly mistake that is extremely easy to make – especially if you’re just learning a new tank – is exposing its weak points to your enemy. Nothing will get you wiped off the face of the planet faster than refusing to hide your weak points. You might as well highlight your weaknesses in glowing red paint.


Each tank is different, and with these differences come many different weaknesses. Some tanks, like the Tiger 131, have a weak and flat frontal hull, while others like the KV series, suffer from flat sides. Understanding the vulnerabilities of your tank is the first step to avoiding this mistake.


Thankfully, it’s easy to figure out your tank’s weaknesses. You can utilize a site like to view all angles of a tank and figure out where the glaring weak points are. Alternatively, learning the basics such as  how to angle your tank  will help you increase your vehicle’s armor.

#  5   No Teamwork

Contrary to popular belief, World of Tanks is not a 1v15 game. One of the silliest mistakes a tanker can make is to avoid teamwork like the plague. A bad tanker will work alone when working together is better. This doesn’t mean you should always be next to an ally, it means you should keep the lines of communication open.


A tank by itself can still be working with its team. SPGs and Tank Destroyers can rely heavily on  active scouts to spot enemies or call out enemy locations not displayed on the mini map, despite being completely isolated.

Teamwork also means communicating with your allies about your intentions, whether it’s rushing a point, securing a line, or just helping to gang up on an enemy vehicle. People like friendly people, and good teamwork is inherently friendly. Remember, the tanks that spawn near you are people too, and they are looking for the best possible outcome.


Everyone makes mistakes – whether they are mistakes in real life or mistakes in a game. The important thing is knowing when you’re making these silly mistakes and how to fix them. Each battle in World of Tanks, try to analyze your own playstyle and pick out any little mistakes you might be making. It’s okay to make mistakes, it’s part of being human.

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