How To Go Hull Down

This page will tell you how to go hull down in World of Tanks. this is everything you need to know about how to go hull down in World of Tanks. This article will include where you can go hull down, some tanks that are good at going hull down, and other tips. Read on to learn how to go hull down in World of Tanks.


In World of Tanks, the aim of the game is to win, and in order to do this, you must be able to outplay and outperform the enemy team. Part of this is ensuring that your tank is able to survive longer than the enemy and to make this happen, you need to employ certain strategies to increase your survivability. One of these strategies is what is commonly called hull down


Going hull down in World of Tanks is the act of hiding the main bulk of your tank, commonly referred to as the hull. The hull, in layman’s terms, is everything except the turret and main gun.


Going hull down that only your turret and gun are exposed to the enemy, thus allowing you to easily shoot them while they struggle to penetrate you.


In order to go hull down in World of Tanks, you will need to locate a few key elements in the environment. Start looking for rocks and boulders, broken windows and buildings, and even slight rises in the countryside.


Once you locate these objects, place your tank in such a way that you are able to peek over the top of these structures while ensuring your hull is completely hidden.


Keep in mind that while your hull is protected, your turret will be exposed to the enemy and you will still be vulnerable though not as much as sitting in the open. 


Another thing to remember, especially when using a hill to go hull down, is that you will need a tank with good gun depresion to make it work, as your tank will be angled up but you want your gun to aim down.


The hull down position is best employed by tanks with extremely strong or well-rounded turret armor and subpar hull armor. Hiding weak hull armor and forcing your enemy to only shoot your turret increases your chances of survival. 


A few tanks that can benefit from a hull down position are the T29, IS-3, IS-7, and one of the best the T34.


As an example, the T34 has a frontal hull armor value of 102 mm while the frontal turret armor is an astounding 279 mm. 

As you can see from these values, the front of the turret is far stronger than the front of the hull, making it a good decision to use the T34 in a hull down position during a battle in World of Tanks.


If you read this article, you should now know how to go hull down in World of Tanks. While there are lots of different strategies you can employ to increase your survivability, like angling your tank to increase its armor,  some tanks benefit more from going hull down than other strategies. 


Source : tankwarroom



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