How Edit MainFrame & HawgPen

Now you can turn Off all Xvm function Completely , If you just want one  part of Xvm but nothing else Now you can Have that. I made it super easy to do so.  I made a folder in my Xvm called MainFrame, Located in > res_mods > configs> xvm > HAWGS  > HawgPen > MainFrame , Inside of it is 10 different folders > To all the skeptics that is scared to use Xvm ,this will not cause lag .Folders added are >

 -  Camera

   -  CaptureBar

   -  Carousel

   -  Clocks

   -  DamageLog

   -  Hitlog

   -  MiniMap

   -  Over_Tank_Markers

   -  PlayersPanel

   -  Sounds

                                  Hawgpen Folder


                     MainFrame Folder 




           Move 19 Battle  Mod functions anywhere on screen 




         Set Hotkeys for each function  with    Hotkey.xc



All you have to do is open the Mainframe folder than open what function to turn Off than right click the OnOff.xc than click edit

Change true to false ,than save. That's all you have to do

Example below

//  This turns on/off Xvm DamageLog
//  ( true ) Turns On Xvm DamageLog,  
//  ( false ) Turns Off  Xvm DamageLog , Stock DamageLog will show
"enabled": true

To turn Off , Average Damage , Efficiency , HighCaliber ,You do that in main HawgPen Folder

If you don't want any of my .wotmod files just Delete them

You Can delete all WOTMOD Files Except the 3 Xvm files




This is how everything should look or something like it in Your Game Folder


Open  World of Tanks  > mods 


Open or current Update 1.X.X.X  All of other Hawg.wotmod File are deleted if you don't want any other function besides Xvm



It should look this after you Install my Xvm open res_mods  on your Pc

Open Configs


Open Xvm






Open HawgPen



This will be a normal function in my Xvm & HawgPack for now on'




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