WoW Mod Migration Update

Hello members of the Horde and Alliance!

With WoW addons now available in the Curse app, the third stage of the migration is starting and we’re ready for some of you to choose to migrate over early to test it out and provide feedback.

As a thank you for trying it out early, for a promotional period (now through September 25th, 2016), we are offering Curse app Premium addon features (excluding addon sync) to app users at no cost**. To take advantage of this promotion, upgrade your client to the Curse app as soon as possible -- migrating toward the end of the promotional period will not extend its duration: the promotion will end at the same time for all users. In the next few days, we’ll have a notification that will pop up upon logging into the Curse Client v5 that contains a download link, and you can visit the notifications section of the client if you miss the pop-up. If you’d like to check out the update now, visit this page to download the app directly.

**A quick note about Curse Premium: your subscriptions to Curse Premium fund our authors, and downloads through the app contribute to their success. All of the revenue from Premium is used to support the platform, and a portion of it goes directly to authors. So far, we've paid out over $1,500,000 to authors -- this was only possible with your support and downloads.

Please note that Guild Sync (our app feature that will allow you to easily create a server for your guild that syncs role permissions) is not available in the Curse app just yet, but it will be added soon! We’re working hard to bring this feature to you and it needs a bit more polish before we can roll it out. Addon setting sync will also be added to the app in an upcoming release and will be available to Premium subscribers.

We’ll be back with another update in the future when we’re ready to enter the fourth stage of the migration where all remaining Curse Client v5 users can migrate to the Curse app so they can continue having a fully supported addon manager. We’ll continue to be here to assist you and make sure migration goes smoothly for you and your addons. If you need help or have any questions or concerns, please visit our Knowledge Base or reach out to us on our Twitter account.

TL;DR: With WoW addons now available in the Curse app, we’re ready for some of you to choose to migrate over early to test it out and provide feedback -- as a thank you, most premium addon features are available to app users at no cost for a promotional period.



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