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    Hey guys!

    We are co-hosting the annual WoW UI Community Dinner again! Please come and join us and our friends over at WoWInterface for a night of good fun, good food, and good friends.

    The place is currently to be determined, but it will be on November 3rd (Thursday) at 9PM PST. Space is limited so please RSVP as soon as possible! To RSVP all you have to do is leave a comment on the forums here or if you do not have an account over there you can PM me here.

    Look forward to seeing you all and meeting new people at this years Blizzcon!

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    Hey guys!

    Legion is right around the corner, and as such we've been taking a hard look at how we service the WoW community. The security of your information is very important to us, so we're taking a proactive step to help protect the information you've trusted us with.

    Effective today, the current forums for CurseForge and WowAce have been switched to read-only mode, and new forums are now available at https://www.curseforge.com/forums to continue discussions. Unfortunately, we're not able to import the old posts just yet, but we'll be tackling this as soon as possible.

    We hope this is not too disruptive, and we're sorry we couldn't give more of a heads up.

    Thanks, Zeldo

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    Hello members of the Horde and Alliance!

    With WoW addons now available in the Curse app, the third stage of the migration is starting and we’re ready for some of you to choose to migrate over early to test it out and provide feedback.

    As a thank you for trying it out early, for a promotional period (now through September 25th, 2016), we are offering Curse app Premium addon features (excluding addon sync) to app users at no cost**. To take advantage of this promotion, upgrade your client to the Curse app as soon as possible -- migrating toward the end of the promotional period will not extend its duration: the promotion will end at the same time for all users. In the next few days, we’ll have a notification that will pop up upon logging into the Curse Client v5 that contains a download link, and you can visit the notifications section of the client if you miss the pop-up. If you’d like to check out the update now, visit this page to download the app directly.

    **A quick note about Curse Premium: your subscriptions to Curse Premium fund our authors, and downloads through the app contribute to their success. All of the revenue from Premium is used to support the platform, and a portion of it goes directly to authors. So far, we've paid out over $1,500,000 to authors -- this was only possible with your support and downloads.

    Please note that Guild Sync (our app feature that will allow you to easily create a server for your guild that syncs role permissions) is not available in the Curse app just yet, but it will be added soon! We’re working hard to bring this feature to you and it needs a bit more polish before we can roll it out. Addon setting sync will also be added to the app in an upcoming release and will be available to Premium subscribers.

    We’ll be back with another update in the future when we’re ready to enter the fourth stage of the migration where all remaining Curse Client v5 users can migrate to the Curse app so they can continue having a fully supported addon manager. We’ll continue to be here to assist you and make sure migration goes smoothly for you and your addons. If you need help or have any questions or concerns, please visit our Knowledge Base or reach out to us on our Twitter account.

    TL;DR: With WoW addons now available in the Curse app, we’re ready for some of you to choose to migrate over early to test it out and provide feedback -- as a thank you, most premium addon features are available to app users at no cost for a promotional period.

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    TL;DR: Curse Client v5 is being phased out, and all of its functionality is being added to the Curse app. This will occur for WoW mod users in the near future, and for other Curse modding communities later. We’ll have a way for WoW mod users who want to check it out earlier to opt-in and provide feedback before we complete everyone’s migration to the app.

    The Curse app is leveling up with World of Warcraft addons! We’re bringing streamlined addon management to you as an all-in-one solution for WoW players.

    Evolution of WoW mod management

    Curse has been given full buffs for WoW, including support for both PC and Mac, rich chat embeds with loot linking and complete tooltips, character profiles to show off your current progress, and easy guild syncing to create a server to play in. We have everything you need to prepare for Legion and hit it hard on launch day! 

    Here at Curse, we put our users first. We want to deliver the most streamlined and best supported experience possible, and the prime way to do this is by offering addons within the Curse app. We recognize that the current addon client hasn’t been receiving the rich support that the community needs -- this migration allows us to provide a first-class WoW experience that will make addon use and maintenance better for everyone, new and veteran players alike.

    The features that you already know and love within the Curse Client v5 have received updates with their migration to the Curse app to improve usability and enhance player experience. Everything will work similarly to the way it does in the Curse Client v5 with added clarity and better UI. The features you've been experiencing for free currently in the v5 client will remain free with the migration to the app, and we're even adding more free features. Premium subscriptions will also continue to be available for purchase.

    Item linking with tooltips

    Let’s round up the major features that become available with the migration:

    • Full Mac support
    • Expanded localization support for many more languages
    • No more ads
    • Memory usage remains very low, even with full access to the feature-rich Curse app

    We’re also rolling out a TON of new WoW features to the Curse app:

    • Easy guild server creation with loads of customization options for permissions and channels
    • Armory profile syncing to keep your character sheets up-to-date within the Curse app
    • Faction themes for Horde and Alliance
    • Full item linking support to show off loot, complete with tooltips
    • Guild polls can be used to help make decisions, like preferred raid nights
    • Enhanced game overlay to easily coordinate gameplay during voice calls

    Armory profile syncing

    The full migration process will happen in stages. We expect everything to transition smoothly and easily, but we’re ready to support you if you experience any issues. You can always reach out to us if you need in-depth guidance or discover bugs via the links below.

    • Stage one is rolling out WoW addons to the alpha Curse app. All alpha users will be able to check out the new World of Warcraft tab on the left navigation bar and immediately be able to access addon management.
    • The second stage will push WoW addons to the live Curse app. The Curse app will also become the default download for new WoW addon users during this stage.
    • The third stage will begin the migration of WoW Curse Client v5 users to the Curse app -- the client will provide information about the migration and point users to the Curse app. For a promotional period (30 days from the start of the migration), we are offering Curse app premium addon features (excluding addon sync) to app users during this stage as a thank you for trying it out early. (Updated 7/29/2016 to clarify details around the premium incentive that will be available).
    • The fourth and final stage will migrate all remaining Curse Client v5 users to the Curse app. The client will ask users to install the Curse app to continue managing their WoW addons.

    Thank you for your continued support and dedication as we move into the next evolution of Curse. We appreciate each and every one of you, and we want your voice to always be heard. Make sure to leave any feedback you have inside the app via the feedback submission form in the help menu. If you need help or have any questions, please visit our Knowledge Base or reach out to us on our Twitter account.

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  • published the article WoW Legion Beta Invites

    Hey guys!

    We are excited to announce that we will be able to help our WoW authors get access to Legion's Beta!

    In order to participate in this, you must be a member of a WoW project on either WowAce.com or CurseForge's WoW portal and you must have your Battle.net email address filled in. Don't worry about other users getting your Battle.net email, this information is only visible to you and the admins and will only be used for this (and possibly future) beta invites!

    Please note that we are forwarding this list to Blizzard and ultimately in their discretion when and if you will receive a beta invite.

    To fill in your Battle.Net email address you can go to your profile page and "Edit Battle.net Email".

    See all you folks out there in Azeroth!

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