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Obj704 Razor Msi Tron

Apr 26, 2016 Release
This is my first time skinning tanks so hope you like my first project. If I get positive feedback I'll continue to post more projects. Obj 704 Tier 9 Tank destroyer (Fantastic Tank) I've added 3 Skins Inspired by Msi Dragon Gaming, Razor Gaming and Tron the movie. Quick Tank preview can be watched here I've also added individual screenshots of each tank. To install please extract what file you want to use to C:/Games/World_of_Tanks/res_mods/Game...
3 Trucks

Old Light Van (China, France, UK)

Mar 09, 2013 Release
This replaces the env420_OldGLightVan with 3 trucks, each with a different nation marking. China - Camo UK- Camo Free France - with flag This mod will work with my Military Trucks mod. It will replace the 3 US trucks in that mod with other nations, giving you more variety on the maps. You will still have Russian, US, Germany from the other mods and this just adds flavor For more information and other WoT Mods, visit my website Arasgrandpa's WoT Skins and Mods