Object 430

Object 430 Package

Dec 08, 2013 Inactive
Package contains skins for the Russian Mediums Object 430 II and Object 430 line, introduced in 8.10. Each vehicle has multiple skins, standard camo and desert camo. All my skins are made to use in-game decals and in-game camo, to block in-game camo see details below. Each download usually contains multiple skins. To change between them you must rename the selected skin to the default skin name, see details below. Folder usually contains various camo options. See included PDF for detailed...
3 Trucks

Old Light Van (China, France, UK)

Mar 09, 2013 Release
This replaces the env420_OldGLightVan with 3 trucks, each with a different nation marking. China - Camo UK- Camo Free France - with flag This mod will work with my Military Trucks mod. It will replace the 3 US trucks in that mod with other nations, giving you more variety on the maps. You will still have Russian, US, Germany from the other mods and this just adds flavor For more information and other WoT Mods, visit my website Arasgrandpa's WoT Skins and Mods
Object 268

Object 268 Camo Skins

Jan 31, 2013 Inactive
Object 268 with multiple camo skins DIRECTIONS: Inside each archive you will find multiple files. These include variations of the custom skin, as well as images of the various skin options. The default skins contains the name of the tank followed by .dds (example: and is usually in woodland cmo if there are multiple options. To change to another skin, first rename the default ( to something else, like, then rename the skin you want to the default (