DeathMatch announcer

Nov 05, 2014 Beta
This small mod provides deathmatch announcer for world of tank battles with the following announces: Battle: 'First Blood' (Quake) - after first kill in battle Team: 'Well Done' (MK) - Player's team has 3 more kills then enemy has 'Excellent' (MK) - Player's team has 5 more kills than enemy has 'Outstanding' (MK) - Player's team has 7 more kills than enemy has 'Brutality' (MK) - Player's team has 10 more kills than enemy has 'Fatality' (MK) / 'Flawless Victory' (MK)- Player's team has 15 more...
Contour Icon Mod Banner

J1mB0's Contour Icon Mod

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Colored icons for vehicle type indication and v2 with nation icons and tier numbers. World of Tanks v0.9.4 ready! - Copy the "res_mods" folder from v1 or v2 to: "\World of Tanks" Important questions should be asked HERE as I normally don't read the curse comments. Twitter: Link to my Twitter profile where you can follow me to get an instant notification on mod update release. Twitch: Follow me to see when I'm streaming. Not streaming...
Crosshair Mod Banner

J1mB0's Crosshair Mod

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Original one was by marsoff. Redesigned, optimized it and added various other very useful things. Main feature is reload timer and angles for Artillery and Tank Destroyers. Two aim circles increase ability to hit the target without aiming fully if used correctly. Outer circle covers 100% of all hits and inner circle covers 68% of all hits. World of Tanks v0.9.3 ready! Custom ingame settings translation available optionally in various languages made by fans. Custom XVM config matching...

[0.9.4] German Panzerlieder

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Overview This mod is a compilation of one of the most famous german military marches and other artworks. It contains a period from the german empire till today. Also prussian marches are included. Installation 1. Download the 2. Copy the res/audio folder into your res_mods/0.9.4 folder 3. Upack the archive into your res_mods/0.9.4/audio folder 4. Enjoy Download Full Music list Combat - Alte...
amx50B Hvy

Contour Icons By Commo81

Nov 05, 2014 Planning
Commo81's mods have been requested by many. Up to today, my mods were only released to clan members for the past year that I have done this. Now, I have decided to make mods public for all users. Contour Icons by Commo81. Original author was Ronkyns. Contour icons with highly-defined classifications. The color of the tank name is more clearly pronounced now. Key: Light Tank: Green Medium Tank: Off-yellow Heavy Tank: Red SPG/Artillary: Purple Tank Destroyer: Light Blue Premium: Bright Yellow...
Contour Icon Set 4

Contour Mod for World of Tanks

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Hello fellow tankers, i will present you my Contour icon mods for WoT Why i build this icons? in the last i used contouricons, but with the last updates i cant find them in german/english, only in russia language. So i diceded to make my own Contour Icons. The Result are 4 icon sets. You must install XVM because WoT will mirror the contour Files. Install to World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm\res\contour I putt all 4 Icons in this Set Name Colors: Yellow=Premium Tank; Red=Special Tank, White Normal...

Aslain's Gold Premium Tanks

Nov 05, 2014 Release
This mod is changing garage icons of premium vehicles into a gold color.

Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle List Icons

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle List Icons It's simply a mod for a custom small icons on Tech-Tree and Vehicle List in Garage. Used colors are matching my own class coloring style, which I use in my all mods and XVM: - red - Heavy Tanks - yellow - Medium Tanks - green - Light Tanks - blue - Tank Destroyers - violet SPG's
Ruinberg on Fire - 9.0

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Nov 04, 2014 Release
Mav's Ultra Fog Remover Update for 9.4 with new map Stalingrad Another quick update for 9.4, including the new map Stalingrad. Until Curse approves the file, it can be downloaded here: or here: New Ruinberg On Fire Lighting

Smooth Scope Zoom (30x, 10lvl) by Artasan

Nov 04, 2014 Release
MOD: This is 30x, 10 levels Sniper Zoom config of mine for ZoomX mod (included). Zoom level indicator. Best for hunting bugs on enemy tank from 500m distance =) How to install: Extract archive into the root folder of the game (with overwrite confirmations). Check out My other WoT MOD's and Configs. Author of the MOD: koshnaranek

White Death by Artasan

Nov 04, 2014 Release
MOD: Makes body of the dead tank completely white in order to better see enemy tank hiding behind it. How to install: Extract archive into the root folder of the game (with overwrite confirmations). Check out My other WoT MOD's and Configs. Youtube:

No Camo by Artasan

Nov 04, 2014 Release
MOD: Completely removes any camouflage from the tanks (only visually), 5% to camo skill still here. In camo store You still can see how it's looks (in square, no preview on the tank). Also adds some FPS! Useful if you are using colorful tank skins with zones of penetration. etc. How to install: Extract archive into the root folder of the game (with overwrite confirmations). Check out My other WoT MOD's and Configs.

Wide border of maps

Nov 02, 2014 Release
[9.4] MOD is made to help people with color blindness. The line, that indicates the border of maps, not all can be good seen. In this MOD it is expanded to the edges of the map. Now don't notice her almost impossible! P.s.: By design, it should be solid, but the game engine makes adjustments... NOW: 1) the border colors into the magenta (only one color option); 2) have a six variants of drawing borders; 3) they all packed in one small archive (19 MiB); 4) the grid squares and inscriptions on...
BDuck's Tank Icons Image

BDuck's Tank Icons [9.4]

Oct 27, 2014 Release
Tank Icons with Tank Name and Tier
fun tank layout

Terra! 3D Tactical Battle Designer

Oct 19, 2014 Beta
This is Terra! What is it? My 2 year long project to develop a 3D tactical design tool for clans to use. It has a server and a client so you can host or join planning sessions. This is in beta.. (read might not work as expected) There is an email at the end in the help file.. please send comments and report anything strange Terra! is doing. The server will need a good solid broadband connection if you are going to host more than a few users... DSL if its fast enough will work. typical...

tank crosshair 9.3

Oct 19, 2014 Planning
sight my production, minimum cluttered screen version of the arcade and sniper, only the necessary information.
German Tech Tree

Compact Tech Tree

Oct 18, 2014 Release
Since Wargaming decided to split some tiers in the tech tree into two columns and turn it into an abomination on larger screens, I've decided to make a mod that modifies it so that every tier has one column and the tech tree fits on the screen without scrolling again. It's working perfectly for a resolution of 1920 x 1080 or higher. Should work with lower resolutions as well, but I didn't test it, so let me know. Installation as usual, put the content of the downloaded zip archive into the...

TheSuperbird Slothlamp Mod

Oct 05, 2014 Mature
Replaces the Sixth Sense icon with a lovable sloth Simply overwrite the SixthSense.png file with this one and you're good to go! The SixthSense.png icon is located in <WoT Directory>\res_mods\xvm\res

Millbarge's Dead Tank Smoke Remover

Sep 27, 2014 Release
Removes Smoke From Dead Tanks To install: Just unzip into the "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.X.X" folder
Tree Sway Remover

Millbarge's Tree Sway Remover

Sep 27, 2014 Release
A mod to remove tree sway To install: Just unzip into the "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.X.X" folder