Abbey Map

Battle Loading Background Screens

Jun 06, 2014 Release
Please Read Files included in the Curse download are 'normal' backgrounds, without the XVM colors at teh bottom. New updates with the backgrounds changed to the WG in game images with map overlays. This eliminated some confusion as to which map is be loaded and corrected some issues with having different sized background. This is without any XVM color scale. Download from Curse. New style, this one is same general look as above, but has the XVM WN8 color scale in the lower middle of the map....
Green MeltyMap'sMathMod !

Green MeltyMap'sMathMod

May 27, 2014 Release
This is the MeltyMap'sMathMod, but with GREEN CROSSHAIRS (arcade, sniper, strategic and server cross). Differences from the original MeltyMap'sMathMod: Arcade, Sniper and Strategic Modes changed to Green theme (reticles, crosshairs, texts and color codes). Postmortem Mode added. Server Cross changed to Green. Damage Panel replaced. Damage Log added. X-Zoom up to x60 (default x45) Other X-Zoom configuration changes and corrections. Gun Ruler configuration corrections.

SimpleVM (simple xvm config)

May 12, 2014 Release
Info " I want to put XVM, but I don't like complex and colorful screen. " " There is no need for a lot of information, but the minimum amount of information is necessary " So i made..... - Simple configuration. - High visibility. - Minimap support the view range of the tanks. - Easy to customize. Update & Note v1.3.4 / 2014_05_13 this Update is not important adapted XVM-5.3.0 Change the display on the large playerspanel add optional files. ( add a simple scaled color-coded. ) Description...
Topographical Map


May 10, 2014 Release
Topographical Minimap Mod for World of Tanks Here are some previews of the next version 2.0
Tank Day Garage

TankDay Hangar

May 04, 2014 Release
This is the original WG TankDay (Sept 11) hangar, converted to USA. Includes the following changes: Custom skins for all display tanks SturmTiger on display Includes in game USA tanks red, white, and blue bunting USA Flag Numerous USA Recruiting posters. Install with Curse client or to install manually, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game directory. Do not copy the cursemod directory, that is used by the Curse client only.
A pic of the German Tiger tank sights.

Adiya's Sight (unofficial update) 0.8.10 support, download in description

May 04, 2014 Release
Background This mod is an update by me of this. I had gotten bored of waiting, so did some hunting and figured out how to update it myself. It's my favourite, so I'll try to keep it up and running as long as possible. Eventually I'll start making my own mods from scratch for the community, until now, enjoy this excellent piece of work! Included in this mod are several sights used by tanks in WWII, a reload timer, and a settings file to show which sights are which.


May 03, 2014 Mature
the forums on WoT asked for tankmen ranks to be redone the original "big" icons were relit the new "big" icons were re-scaled & replaced the "small" icons standard installation for unzip in WoT game folder (file contains folders "res_mods\0.9.0\gui\maps\icons\tankmen\ranks")
Coldius's XVM Config - Loading Screen.

Coldius's XVM Config

Apr 29, 2014 Beta
Compatible with the latest stable XVM-5.3.0-test1 version. I've had a mod-pack out for quite a while now and I decided it was time to share my XVM Config to the rest of the world. Installation: Step 1: Get XVM and install it according to their installation notes. Step 2: Download my XVM Config. Step 3: Paste the XVM Config into the following folder. *:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm\configs Step 4: Enjoy the config and if you would like to take a look...

Greek loading screens Mod

Apr 29, 2014 Release
The Greek loading screens Mod replaces the WoT backround wallpaper seen on the login screen and the loading/waiting screen with a Greek Flag. Tested in 0.9.1 game client. Project Blog

GiQuR's Contour Icon Mod

Apr 27, 2014 Release
Colored icons of tanks to indicate the vehicle type, the nation and if it is premium. Light Tank = Green Medium Tank = Yellow Heavy Tank = Red Tank Destroyer = Blue SPG = Magenta Premium Tank = Star Instructions: copy to "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ ...". My Personal Page Download: here.
Alternative Over Target Marker

Clean XVM Mod

Apr 22, 2014 Release
Clean XVM Config Mod VERSION DETAILS World of Tanks: 0.9.0 #657 XVM Client: 5.2.1 test2 My Config: 1.3 DESCRIPTION You need more information in the game which World of Tanks doesn't deliver by default? But you don't like all those XVM configurations out there which make extensive use of coloring etc., spoiling the original WoT atmosphere and making the game look like a anime comic? Then try out this mod! :) I tried to integrate the most important information XVM has to offer into the game...
Curse preview image

[9.0] ReCo's Contour Icons

Apr 21, 2014 Release
ReCo's Contour Icons You will need XVM to prevent icon mirroring! This was my private contour icon mod I've been using for a long time now because I felt that the combnation of 3D tank icons plus colors are the best way to differentiate the large amount of tanks. But I didn't wanted to keep it by myself so here it is, my personal contour icon mod for those who want it. There is plenty of color sets available and you can combine them as you wish. Or choose a premade color set. Custom colors:...

USA WoWP Hangar

Apr 20, 2014 Release
World of Warplanes Hangar modified into a World of Tanks Garage. Replaces both premium and non-premium hangars. Originally released to public domain by Niurko on the Russian sites, modified and reskinned by Arasgrandpa to be a USA Garage. Modifications include a US flag, US Armored Car, US Motorcycle, and US recruiting posters. A large and bright hangar with plenty of props. Version 5 includes flags for Canada, US Marine Corps, and US Army. To change, after install, go to...
Tutorial Garage

Tutorial Hangar - Premium and Non

Apr 20, 2014 Release
This replaces both of the in game garages with the Tutorial garage. Images shown are with Grandpa's Content Mods for the "props" around the field. I suggest using Grandpa's Content Mods or Military Vehicles Mods to get the full effect. Not included with this download because they also change the images on all maps , not just the garage. Grandpa's Content mods Grandpa's Military Vehicle Mod
Solo's Minimalism Info Panel

Solo's Minimalism Info Panel

Apr 20, 2014 Release
A very simple informative panel appears when you move the sight on the enemy tank and the monitor displays useful information. Information about the enemy: View Range. Reload time. Suitable for any arcade, sniper and artillery sight! This mod is a part of my ModPack Installer with Mod Previews which can be downloaded and information is on WoT forums List of mods inside modpack. Minimal Distraction, Maximum Gaming Experience.
Config at a glance

[0.9.0] dbozan99's Minimal, Yet Maximal XVM Config

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Introduction: I was tired of all the XVM config files I could find giving me WAY more information than I could possibly need all at once. It's information overload and is extremely distracting when trying to focus on Playing the Game. A big thing that bothered me was that all of the configs I saw were flooded with numbers. Numbers Everywhere! It was too much to look at, which is why my config puts way more emphasis on color-coding than anything else. Another thing that bothered me with XVM in...

Benoz's XVM Configuration

Apr 18, 2014 Inactive
This is the XVM config of the Modpack. It contains only the XVM Configuration. The full Modpack can be found here:
US Posters

US Posters for Garage

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Replaces the generic and Russian posters in the garage with US recruiting and pin-up posters. Works with both premium and basic garage.
KISS Style 9

KISS Vehicle Icons - Style 9

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Grandpa's KISS Contour Icon Style # 9 These icons are designed to work with or without any program that will "mirror" the icons on the right. This style does not require mirroring, but may be mirrored. If mirroring is desired then downlod the appropriate mod. XVM is an example, if you are using XVM, you can use any of the icons posted here. If you are NOT using XVM, you will need to get a mod to mirror our icons. You can download this one. NOTE: This is ONLY for non-XVM users, it is not...
KISS Style 3

KISS Vehicle Icons - Style 3

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Grandpa's KISS Contour Icon Style # 3 These icons are designed to work with any program that will "mirror" the icons on the right. XVM is an example, if you are using XVM, you can use any of the icons posted here. If you are NOT using XVM, you will need to get a mod to mirror our icons. You can download this one. NOTE: This is ONLY for non-XVM users, it is not compatible with XVM. The screenshots/images here may not reflect the final images of the icons. To see all the available styles and...