World of Tanks MW2 Voice Mod

Jul 18, 2014 Planning
In my opinion, there are not enough Voice Mods for World of Tanks that make it feel more exciting. So, I have this! A simple voice mod using MW2 Voices and some MoH voices to make it "better." I honestly hate the in game voices, so I hope you enjoy this one. Demonstration of mod is here:

Girls und Panzer Music mod

Jul 09, 2014 Planning
This mod changes your music into Girls und Panzer's themes All songs are relevant to the game atmosphere,the garage is meant for relaxing and blowing off steam and the battle is meant for battle themes. Unlike other GuP music mods,they don't stress this idea ,putting in opening songs while in battle,its very unfitting. This mod was first uploaded to WoT SEA's forum,it has been months since. == Installation Instruction == Extract file If you are using other sound mods,copy the extracted files...
Custom Icons

Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons

Jul 05, 2014 Release
Custom icons for the vehicles, ammo, equipment, consumables, crew, ranks, and skills and perks for the game. Inside the folder res_mods/gui/maps/icons/artefacts you will find some additional icons that you may prefer, just rename them for the original and use them. Crew icons have multiple medals for each country, for example a US crewmember may have Silver Star, Bronze Star or Purple Heart, the crew will have a mixed medal set Ammo shows background stripe, silver for AP non-premium, gold for...
Version 0.9.0

Grandpa's Color Messages After Battle

Jun 23, 2014 Release
Displays colored after battle messages. In keeping with the KISS concept, a "Keep it Simple Stupid" reformatting of the messenger.xml file. No special game (.swf) files, no combined session statistics, just a reformatting, adding color, and custom icons to make the after battle messages easier to read. DISCLAIMER I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the game interface to look like I want it to look. I place them here for others to download and use...

Grandpa's Visibility and Lighting Mod

Jun 23, 2014 Release
This mod does three things: Removes the "bloom", in 0.8.0 WG added "bloom" to the lighting, this removes it making the lighting softer and less harsh Removes the "fog of war", actually just the fog at the outer reaches of the visible map Enhances the lighting for the maps, makes them brighter, with less darkening Take a look at my other mods on Curse Arasgrandpa's Mods DISCLAIMER I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the game interface to look like I...
CrYostaT1c's Contour Icon Mod

CrYostaT1c's Contour Icon Mod

Jun 19, 2014 Release
My targets: easy to identify every nation is recognizable possibility to modify your icons equal to your game progress every nation has the same symbols until tier 7 tier 8 and 9 are real icons of every nation taken from the military tier 10 is a symbol or medal that represents the nation Installation: copy the "res_mods" folder to your World of Tanks main folder
Odussomai's Contour Icons (Color)

Odussomai's Contour Icons

Jun 17, 2014 Release
This is a contour mod I put together with TankIconMaker. Packaged for JSGME. You must have XVM installed and mirroredVehicleIcons set to false. Updated for 0.9.1 There are two versions: Download Color 0.9.1 Download Classic 0.9.1
Odussomai's 3D Icons (Color)

Odussomai's 3D Icons

Jun 17, 2014 Release
This is a contour mod I put together with TankIconMaker. Packaged for JSGME. You must have XVM installed and mirroredVehicleIcons set to false. There are two versions: Download Color 0.9.1 Download Classic 0.9.1
Letter shell icons example

Letter shell icons

Jun 16, 2014 Release
If you're color-blind, or if you ever shot wrong shell by mistake... You may want to use this mod. Screenshots are all explanation you need. Note: premium shells are colored as they appear in most tanks, however some tanks use APCR shells as basic (non-premium) ammo. This mod does not reflect that, all APCR shells will be gold-colored in game.

[0.9.1] Sounds instead of crew voices

Jun 16, 2014 Release
No mater how great crew voices mod you install, you will get bored of them after several battles. Not mentioning original ones ;) I've prepared a voicepack which replaces crew voices with short&simple sounds. After installing this, your tank crew will stop talking at all. You will get short sound notifications instead. All non-important sounds were removed, leaving only ones worth attention of experienced player. Installing this mod will also save a bit of RAM during the game. NOTE: If you're...
Town Garage View 2

Town Garage

Jun 15, 2014 Release
This is a modified version of the WG May 1 celebration garage. It is the view and an American town. In this model, I have removed all the flags, bunting, and tinsel. Its just your tank sitting on the main street of a small town. Custom skins for the tanks on display. Custom buildings include Starbucks, Patton's Bar and Grill, Dollar General, Mike's Bar, Jackson's Bar and Grill, as well as some neon signs. See images for more details
PizzaCat's Contour Icon Mod (3D)

PizzaCat's Contour Icon Mod

Jun 13, 2014 Release
Contour Icon Mod for World of Tanks Has 4 variants - - (Styled) Flat Icon Version - (Styled) 3D Icon Version - (Simple) Contour Icon Version - (Simple) Contour Icon Version without Tank names. The icon mod is specifically designed to be used with PizzaCat's XVM configuration.

PizzaCat's XVM Config

Jun 13, 2014 Release
PizzaCat's XVM configuration for World of Tanks 9.x & XVM 5.x.x Additional Contour Icons - Full XVM config - (SEA) Clan Icons - Remember username/password for SEA Client - Minimap Mods: View Range, Angle, Spotting Range, Tank & Player names. - Simple yet effective OTM - Detailed Hitlog - Stock Turret Indicator - color codes for wn7 ranges.

KISS Vehicle Icons - Style 6

Jun 12, 2014 Release
Grandpa's KISS Contour Icon Style # 6 NOTE:Style change since 0.9.1 These icons are designed to work with standard program. Does not require one that will "mirror" the icons on the right. If you are using XVM, you can use any of the icons posted here. The screenshots/images here may not reflect the final images of the icons. To see all the available styles and view the most current images, visit my web page at Grandpa's World of Tanks Mods To install use the Curse client, or place icons in...
Loading screen

dirtyred's XVM update 9.1

Jun 11, 2014 Beta
Works with Update 9.1 Decided to make my config public as some of my friends are already using it. I'll try to keep it in sync and compatible with the latest XVM nightly builds. Changes made to the default XVM configs: Using WN8 ratings on the loading screen and in the players panel. Using the official WN8 scale, which has more levels and the intervals are also a bit different (+/- 100). Chance to win & current chance to win (for the remaining tanks). WN8 ratings color dependent dots below...

Crew Icon Manager

Jun 11, 2014 Release
0.9.1 Crew Manager! Updated to 9.1! This program is designed to help manage several hundred different crew icons all at the same time, so that crew icons can be swiftly and easily changed. This manager was created so that icon packs people release can easily be shared and intermixed with other icon packs, on an individual crew member basis without the user having to hunt through and rename a bunch of files. The manager does it for you! Replace tank crews of different nationalities! Add your...
Green MeltyMap'sMathMod !

Green MeltyMap'sMathMod

May 27, 2014 Release
This is the MeltyMap'sMathMod, but with GREEN CROSSHAIRS (arcade, sniper, strategic and server cross). Differences from the original MeltyMap'sMathMod: Arcade, Sniper and Strategic Modes changed to Green theme (reticles, crosshairs, texts and color codes). Postmortem Mode added. Server Cross changed to Green. Damage Panel replaced. Damage Log added. X-Zoom up to x60 (default x45) Other X-Zoom configuration changes and corrections. Gun Ruler configuration corrections.

SimpleVM (simple xvm config)

May 12, 2014 Release
Info " I want to put XVM, but I don't like complex and colorful screen. " " There is no need for a lot of information, but the minimum amount of information is necessary " So i made..... - Simple configuration. - High visibility. - Minimap support the view range of the tanks. - Easy to customize. Update & Note v1.3.4 / 2014_05_13 this Update is not important adapted XVM-5.3.0 Change the display on the large playerspanel add optional files. ( add a simple scaled color-coded. ) Description...
Topographical Map


May 10, 2014 Release
Topographical Minimap Mod for World of Tanks Here are some previews of the next version 2.0
Tank Day Garage

TankDay Hangar

May 04, 2014 Release
This is the original WG TankDay (Sept 11) hangar, converted to USA. Includes the following changes: Custom skins for all display tanks SturmTiger on display Includes in game USA tanks red, white, and blue bunting USA Flag Numerous USA Recruiting posters. Install with Curse client or to install manually, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game directory. Do not copy the cursemod directory, that is used by the Curse client only.