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[9.6] dirtyred's XVM

Feb 11, 2015 Beta
Works with Update 9.6 Works with Personal Missions Decided to make my config public as some of my friends are already using it. I'll try to keep it in sync and compatible with the latest XVM nightly builds. Changes made to the default XVM configs: Using WN8 ratings on the loading screen and in the players panel. Using the official WN8 scale, which has more levels and the intervals are also a bit different (+/- 100). Chance to win & current chance to win (for the remaining tanks). WN8 ratings...

Grandpa's Visibility and Lighting Mod

Feb 10, 2015 Release
This mod does three things: Removes the "bloom", in 0.8.0 WG added "bloom" to the lighting, this removes it making the lighting softer and less harsh Removes the "fog of war", actually just the fog at the outer reaches of the visible map Enhances the lighting for the maps, makes them brighter, with less darkening Increases visibility range Take a look at my other mods on Curse Arasgrandpa's Mods DISCLAIMER I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the...
Base circle - magenta 'protect'

Change the color of the circle base

Feb 10, 2015 Release
Suitable for any patch! This modification will change the color of the circle base. This circle is very difficult to see on winter maps (and some others). Now the choice has 15 options and they all packed in one archive. Color of the circle will be changed on all bases and on all maps! © Idea by p14apg Screenshots: Main topic (RUS):
Custom Icons

Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons

Feb 10, 2015 Release
UPDATED FOR 0.9.6 ... NOW ALL Options are included in one download, please see instructions at bottom to change. Please see website for more information Custom Ammo, Crew, and Equipment Icons Custom icons for the vehicles, ammo, equipment, consumables, crew, ranks, and skills and perks for the game. Inside the folder res_mods/gui/maps/icons/artefacts you will find some additional icons that you may prefer, just rename them for the original and use them. Crew icons have multiple medals for...
Main features

MightyRan's XVM Config

Feb 10, 2015 Release
A simple XVM configuration created by the team with all the information you need in battle. Since version 1.6.1 this XVM config includes also a 2 row tank carousel. IMPORTANT! To view statistics ingame in the newest version of XVM you have to activate the statistics for your account on the XVM site. Follow this link for detailed instrucion: Check the project images page for detailed screenshots....

GiQuR's Contour Icon Mod

Feb 09, 2015 Release
Colored icons of tanks to indicate the vehicle type, the nation and if it is premium. If you want to support this Mod send me a gift in WoT. Player Name: GiQuR Light Tank = Green Medium Tank = Yellow Heavy Tank = Red Tank Destroyer = Blue SPG = Magenta Premium Tank = Orange Star Instructions: copy to "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ ...". My Personal Page Download: here.
Cave Garage View 1

Cave Garage US Army

Feb 07, 2015 Release
SEE INSTRUCTIONS FOR INSTALLATION INFO NOTE: If WG has a "special" garage up for an event, this garage will NOT override it. It will show when the event is over. This is the WG IGR Garage (found in res/packages directory and not yet released on NA server) modified for the US Army. Contains forllowing modifications Custom skins for IS Various Entity Flag Various Entity Logo or Emblem audio mod for hangar sounds included (optional) Manual install only! Place all directories in the archive (zip)...

Grandpa's KISS Crosshairs

Feb 07, 2015 Release
This is my mod of the KISS Crosshairs. Similar to JimB0's modified by Pricelu but changes to graphics. On screen info includes: Loading time rounds in clip % health Meters to target In arty, time to target Traverse indicator for arty and TD In the sniper mod, you can see the enemy armor ratings ===== Change Log ===== This version is a return to the 0.9.1 and prior versions. I finally found the fix. Now can configure using in game menu. ===== DISCLAIMER ===== I make, modify, compile, these...
Sniper View

Grandpa's Crosshairs - Version 2

Feb 07, 2015 Release
This is a modification of the KISS Crosshairs. Some had asked to remove the information screen that showed target armor. This version changes the arcade and sniper view, but retains the armor penetration bulls-eye. Can be modified in Menu->Settings->Reticle for the view you want. Includes Damage Indicator If looking for additional sights check out my web page Grandpa's Crosshairs 0.9.3 COMPATIBLE Modification of JimB0's with Grandpa's KISS thrown in, but changes to graphics. On screen info...
Map Legend

Battle Loading Background Screens

Jan 28, 2015 Release
Please Read Files included in the Curse download are 'normal' backgrounds, without the XVM colors at teh bottom. New updates with the backgrounds changed to the WG in game images with map overlays. This eliminated some confusion as to which map is be loaded and corrected some issues with having different sized background. This is without any XVM color scale. Download from Curse. New style, this one is same general look as above, but has the XVM WN8 color scale in the lower middle of the map....
6th sense

TasteDaBomb's 6th sense Icon

Jan 14, 2015 Release
My 6th sense Icon as requested by "The People". Yes, that is all there is to it. Place in World of Tanks folder. Cheers!
WoT Monitor v4.24

WoT Monitor gadget for Windows 7, 8, 10, XP, Vista

Jan 12, 2015 Release
World of Tanks Monitor is a gadget for Windows 7, 8, 10, XP and Vista. WoT Monitor Web-Page: Main features: 1. Displays player's achievements 2. Displays last 2-weeks statistics 3. Radio-Player 4. Pinging all the WoT clasters 5. Connection test 6. Displaying Clan information 7. Skins 8. Check-boxes in the setting for hiding unneeded features 9. Tray interface 10. Clan battles with alarm 11. Full localization for 7 languages: English, Russian,...
BDuck's Grunge Tank Icons [9.5]

BDuck's Grunge Tank Icons [9.5]

Jan 07, 2015 Planning
Tank Contour Icons with Tank Name, Tier Numbers on a Colored Grunge Background

Trollin's Sixth Sense Icon Pack

Jan 01, 2015 Inactive
Greetings and welcome to my first Sixth Sense Icon Pack. All of the icons have transparency built in, and the edges look a bit smoother in-game than on-site. Installation instructions; Simply go to C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\xvm\res, drag in the icon you want and rename it "SixthSense". Launch WoT and you're good to go. Thanks for checking out my pack and don't forget to favorite.

Dr Evil SixthSense Icon

Dec 30, 2014 Inactive
Thanks for checking out my first custom icon! I got a request from a friend to make him a Dr Evil SixthSence icon (From Austin Powers) and ended up with this.. Installation instructions; Simply navigate to (Your primary harddrive)>Games>World_of_Tanks>res_mods>xvm>res, drop it in and launch Tanks! Easy as that. Leave a comment and like if you favorite if and wanna see more in the future!
New Content 0.9.1

Grandpa's Content Mods

Dec 25, 2014 Release
UPDATE NEWS Many of these are model changes. Now on maps with a lot of civilian cars and trucks, these are replaced by military vehicles and weapons. The new models include German armored cars, quad AA Guns, 88mm AA guns, anti-tank guns, etc. Lots of destroyed tanks from various nations. So it you want a little more military looking and less civilian looking, this mod is for you. This is a collection of my content mods. They are re-paints or skins for the static content on many of the WoT...

Olive Tech Tree

Dec 25, 2014 Release
Olive Tech Tree by Unabooboo Alters the color of the Tech Tree and changes the graphics slightly. Changes done by Mod Gives the Tech Tree a Olive Color shade. Changes the Tech Tree Buttons Will work with both standard Horizontal Tech Tree or Modified Vertical Tech Tree such as ReCo's Vertical Tech Tree. Included in Zip File : 1Folders - 1 folder containing the files needed for the mod ( already in folder tree structure ) 4 Images - Example Images Text File ( Read Me ) - All the info and...

US Flag Load-In Screen

Dec 25, 2014 Release
"US FLAG Load-In Screen by Unabooboo [SNS] Replaces the basic game load-in screen with a US Flag version. Included in Zip File : 1 Folders - 1 folder containing the file needed for the mod ( In the needed folder tree structure ) . 1 Images - Screenshot example of the mod. Text File ( Read Me ) - All the info and instructions you need. Link to my Project Page. Game Files Modified : File: login_bg.png Located : C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.5\gui\maps\login Latest Upload...

"Danger Zone" 6th Sense

Dec 25, 2014 Release
"DANGER ZONE" 6th Sense Icon by Unabooboo Replaces the Light Bulb with an Archer Danger Zone warning. 3 Colors to choose from Blue, Green or Yellow. No XVM needed to use. Included in Zip File : 3 Folders - 3 folders each one containing the files needed for the color or your choice. 3 Images - Each Colors image is include for players wishing to use one with XVM. 1 Pic - Showing the 3 color choices. Text File ( Read Me ) - All the info and instructions you need. Link to my User Page....

Wide border of maps

Dec 22, 2014 Release
[9.6] MOD is made to help people with color blindness. ——————— Mod version 9.5 is fully suitable for patch 9.6 !!! ——————— The line, that indicates the border of maps, not all can be good seen. In this MOD it is expanded to the edges of the map. Now don't notice her almost impossible! P.s.: By design, it should be solid, but the game engine makes adjustments... NOW: 1) the border colors into the magenta (only one color option); 2) have a six variants of drawing borders; 3) they all packed in...