Clan Icons for XVM North America

Apr 27, 2015 Release
Some of you, like me, have gotten frustrated that XVM has stopped producing their icon packs. And, unless you know a lot about mods, the existing icon packs no longer work. So I created a new icon pack. Just unzip into your World of Tanks folder. (typically c:\games\World_of_Tanks) Update: For some reason I can't get the release version to change from 9.6 to 9.7. However, the icon pack still works. :)
Main features

MightyRan's XVM Config

Apr 27, 2015 Release
A simple XVM configuration created by the team with all the information you need in battle. Since version 1.6.1 this XVM config includes also a 2 row tank carousel. IMPORTANT! To view statistics ingame in the newest version of XVM you have to activate the statistics for your account on the XVM site. Follow this link for detailed instrucion: Check the project images page for detailed screenshots....
Sherman229's XVM Config

Sherman229's XVM

Apr 27, 2015 Release
This is a XVM mod for World of Tanks. Info XVM Website How To Install Extract the files into your World of Tanks folder. Don't forget to activate it on the XVM website. Screenshots

Gnomefather's engines

Apr 25, 2015 Release
Visit my blog or my Facebook page to get updates instantly. Gnomefather's Mods Blog Gnomefather's Mods Facebook Or VKontakte: This is a engine sound pack that modifies the exisitng sounds in World of Tanks to more realistic or improved sounds. This mod includes: -Imporved engine sounds that really sounds like engines. Hear the revs of the Iosif Stalin 2 or the growling sound of the Panther. -Alot of new sounds for each engine, by using scripts! -A lot of...

Wide border of maps

Apr 24, 2015 Release
[9.7] MOD is made to help people with color blindness. The line, that indicates the border of maps, not all can be good seen. In this MOD it is expanded to the edges of the map. Now don't notice her almost impossible! P.s.: By design, it should be solid, but the game engine makes adjustments... NOW: 1) the border colors into the magenta (only one color option); 2) have a six variants of drawing borders; 3) they all packed in one small archive (19 MiB); 4) the grid squares and inscriptions on...

Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle List Icons

Apr 24, 2015 Release
Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle List Icons It's simply a mod for a custom small icons on Tech-Tree and Vehicle List in Garage. Used colors are matching my own class coloring style, which I use in my all mods and XVM: - red - Heavy Tanks - yellow - Medium Tanks - green - Light Tanks - blue - Tank Destroyers - violet SPG's

World of Tanks Girls Und Panzer Crew Pics Mod

Apr 23, 2015 Release
Features: All Nations in game and in the tv series are covered All major characters included All pics snapped from the live series. Install directions included in the Zip File Download: Girls Und Panzer Crew Pics Download Page Example:

World of Tanks Girls Und Panzer English voice mod

Apr 23, 2015 Release
(English Version) Features: All of the girls voices/reactions fit very closely to the action in battle. Real tank terms are used and are very intuitive to the action (pens, bounces, module damage and repair, crew deaths, spotted, etc.) There is a large variety of sounds for each action in game so sounds are not repeated regularly. Approximately 20 different intros to each battle cut from some of the funniest/best scenes in Girls Und Panzer. The girls warn you when sixth sense triggers and...

World of Tanks Megamind Voice Mod

Apr 23, 2015 Release
Features: All of Megamind's reactions fit very closely to the action in battle. The sounds are very intuitive to the action (pens, bounces, module damage and repair, crew deaths, spotted, etc.) There is a large variety of sounds for each action in game so sounds are not repeated regularly. Many different intros to each battle cut from some of the funniest/best scenes in Megamind. Megamind warns you when sixth sense triggers and there is a custom Sixth Sense image as well. It's very difficult...
Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Apr 23, 2015 Release
Also by me, new Clan Message Center mod! Also by me, my new Clan Message Center! Stop chasing after clan mates to let them know what's going on, now they can get an in-game notification as soon as they open up the game! See here for more details: Mav's Ultra Fog Remover Updated for 9.6.
Map Legend

Battle Loading Background Screens

Apr 23, 2015 Release
Please Read Files included in the Curse download are 'normal' backgrounds, without the XVM colors at teh bottom. New updates with the backgrounds changed to the WG in game images with map overlays. This eliminated some confusion as to which map is be loaded and corrected some issues with having different sized background. This is without any XVM color scale. Download from Curse. New style, this one is same general look as above, but has the XVM WN8 color scale in the lower middle of the map....
6th sense

TasteDaBomb's 6th sense Icon

Apr 19, 2015 Release
My 6th sense Icon as requested by "The People". Yes, that is all there is to it. Place in World of Tanks folder. Cheers!
Custom Icons

Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons

Apr 17, 2015 Release
UPDATED FOR 0.9.6 ... NOW ALL Options are included in one download, please see instructions at bottom to change. Please see website for more information Custom Ammo, Crew, and Equipment Icons Custom icons for the vehicles, ammo, equipment, consumables, crew, ranks, and skills and perks for the game. Inside the folder res_mods/gui/maps/icons/artefacts you will find some additional icons that you may prefer, just rename them for the original and use them. Crew icons have multiple medals for...

[0.9.7] German Panzerlieder

Mar 30, 2015 Release
Overview This mod is a compilation of one of the most famous german military marches and other artworks. It contains a period from the german empire till today. Also prussian marches are included. Installation 1. Download the 2. Copy the res/audio folder into your res_mods/0.9.7 folder 3. Upack the archive into your res_mods/0.9.7/audio folder 4. Enjoy Download Video Full Music list Combat - Alte...
RvB Season 1 page

Lycan_Knight's RedVsBlue SoundPack (Voice/Music) NOW 9.6!

Mar 20, 2015 Release
3,000 DOWNLOADS! UPDATE:::: Yup, here we are in 9.7 everyone! she's made it! Now there is a *slight* issue with this... i need to make this mod from scratch again... a lot of the sound files have slowly degraded over the course of moving them across 8 different computers... BUT I now have my own wonderful 2k gaming computer! :D I shall be putting much more effort into this mod now that i have a computer capable of handling this beast! :3 Hang in there guys... as there are now 12 complete...
Clan Message Center

Mav's Clan Message Center

Feb 23, 2015 Release
(4/24 - No changes required for 9.7, simply relocate files to 9.7 folder. If using other mods that contain their own CameraNode.pyc and __init__.pyc , use them instead, as they may contain extensions required for those mods to work) Version 3.06 Changes The mod now re-displays messages when coming out of battle/changing servers if a specified minimum amount of time has elapsed(set in primary.xml) Header and divider graphic dimensions are no longer hard coded and can be changed in msg-ctr.xml...

Simple Contour Icons

Feb 21, 2015 Inactive
This my current contour icons that I am working on, this is work in progress but wanted to share If people want to use them. I will post new updates when they happen, enjoy.
Sixth Sense image

Ritterkopf 1.0

Feb 20, 2015 Planning
The mod has changed name to Fearskull > New link < Cheers from Panzergefahr

Paintball Mod

Feb 13, 2015 Release
The Paintball mod displays you all the hits received by your or other tanks as colored dots. There are two versions: green/blue: -green: no penetration -blue: penetration hits green/red: -green: no penetration -red: penetration hits Installation: Copy/move the folder you've chosen into your World of Tanks root folder (Default: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks) Important If you install via Curse Client, the blue/green version will be installed! If you don't want to install via Curse Client, go to...
RVT Icon

[9.6] ReCo's Vertical Techtree

Feb 12, 2015 Release
MAIN FEATURES: - Easy installation: use the setup or the manual installation files - Good old vertical tech tree instead of the new horizontal tech tree - Uncluttered layout - tanks are nicely ordered by their tier, class and type - Loads and loads of customization options - Pretty lines: simple and nice-looking vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines between tanks - A better unified look for all tanks/icons/buttons and improved graphics (this is optional) - Compatibility with most common...