The Different Types

LordReaver's - "Fade" Contour Icons

Jun 11, 2016 Release
Simple yet aesthetically pleasing, color coded contour icons. They are semi transparent so as not to obscure what is behind them. Yet they are still easily definable at a glance. Note: The grey areas in the preview picture are transparent in the game. Heavies = Red Mediums = Orange Lights = Yellow Tank Destroyers = Blue Artillery = Green White stripes indicate a premium vehicle. Drop the res_mods folder into your world of tanks folder.
Special tanks in techtree

Johny_Bafak's Vertical Techtree

Jun 10, 2016 Release
Introducing Vertical Techtree! JBVT Main features: Change ugly horizontal tech tree to nice old vertical 7 different layout options New techtree graphic - based on Service Record tab Show hidden, removed premium and special tanks in techtree Enjoy over 450 tanks in your techtree New node graphic options Easy user friendly instalation .exe file (manual instalation also possible) Nice, centered nations button bar Compatibility with all screen resolution In-game UI mod settings Credits:...

"ASS Zoom" Artasan's Smooth Scope Zoom 30x 10lvl =)

Jun 02, 2016 Release
MOD: This is 30x, 10 levels Sniper Zoom config of mine for ZoomX mod (included). Zoom level indicator. Best for hunting bugs on enemy tank from 500m distance =) NOTE: If You prefer version with No Scroll switching between modes, look for file named SMOOTH_ZOOM_xxx_NS in Other Downloads section. How to install: Extract archive into the root folder of the game (with overwrite confirmations). Check out My other WoT MOD's and Configs. Author of the MOD: koshnaranek

Hetumoger's Girl Mod WOT 9.15

May 31, 2016 Release
It's an World of Tanks Mod Pack, which change your game's gui and voice to erotic (not porn) style. It's contains the following: Garage: girl crew in all nations (various in hangar and barrack) metal styled windows red cursor girl styled loading icon new stronghold map girl styled platoon window login screens with erotic girls after battle statistic some new button style reworked ranks Battle: battle loading screens with erotic girls, and with tactical minimap battlefield styled ribbons sixth...

Elkano's XVM Config

May 31, 2016 Release
My personal config for XVM using WoW's rarity colors for skill rating and number of games played. (I know, I should add some screenshots...) XVM can be downloaded from Custom contour icons will be loaded from res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\contour\ Colors Rating and # Games ColorXWN-RatingGlobal GamesTank Games #646464< 17 (worst 20% of players)nonenone #9D9D9D< 30 (better than 20% of players)< 1k< 50 #FFFFFF< 36 (better than 50% of players)< 2k<...

In Battle Clock

May 29, 2016 Release
This mod replaces your Battle Timer with a 12 hour Clock. Requires manual installation: Select the color you like and copy and paste the "gui" folder into your (Res_mod / 0.9.xx) folder.
Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

May 26, 2016 Release
05/26 - Updated for 9.15 Confirmed that no updates are required this patch, mod works as is with paths updated to reflect new version. While waiting for the upload to be approved, it can be downloaded directly from here: All new improvements for 9.13 Now many more eye candy options are disabled, which should result in a noticeable FPS boost. Faster computers will see a bigger increase of...
Letter shell icons example

Letter shell icons

May 26, 2016 Release
If you're color-blind, or if you ever shot wrong shell by mistake... You may want to use this mod. Screenshots are all explanation you need. Note: premium shells are colored as they appear in most tanks, however some tanks use APCR shells as basic (non-premium) ammo. This mod does not reflect that, all APCR shells will be gold-colored in game.
NEW Hitlog (0.9.13 version 8)

Grandpa's Damage and HitLog (No XVM)

May 25, 2016 Release
This mod adds a Damage Log (who you hit) and a HitLog (who hit you) to the standard Damage Panel configuration. Will also work with many of the custom damage panel configurations such as Gambiter and Kokabg. For additional information and mods take a look at my website Grandpa's World of Tanks Mods DOES NOT REQUIRE XVM INSTALLATION To install, move the res_mods folder from the archive file into the World of Tanks game directory. Font installation NO LONGER REQUIRED, uses Arial as default and...

[0.9.15] 3D Tank Icons with Emblems

May 25, 2016 Release
Icons are mirrored if using without XVM mod. 3D Tank Icons with emblems With emblems of nations. SPGs and Tank Destroyers are colored in red and blue colors, respectively. in A, B and D variants Premium tank names are yellow. Added new variant of icons, "Variant B". FROM v3.2 With gray class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "B" Added new variants of icons: "C" and "D". FROM v4 Colored class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "C" FROM v4 Manual installation:...

[0.9.15] 3D Tank Icons with Flags

May 25, 2016 Release
Icons are mirrored if using without XVM mod. 3D Tank icons with flags With flags of nations. SPGs and Tank Destroyers are colored in red and blue colors, respectively. in variants A, B and D Colored class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "C" Gray class icons (diamonds, squares and triangles). in variant "B" Variant D don't have any text or symbols (for those who don't want to use XVM). Premium tank names are yellow. Manual installation: Choose A, B, C or D variant, copy the...
ElkRDA - Burst Compression

Elkano's Received Damage Announcer

May 25, 2016 Release
Shows received hits in chat area in customizable form. This is a complete recode based on the idea of Received Damage Announcer by Omegaice.

Grandpa's Visibility and Lighting Mod

May 24, 2016 Release
This mod does three things: Removes the "bloom", in 0.8.0 WG added "bloom" to the lighting, this removes it making the lighting softer and less harsh Removes the "fog of war", actually just the fog at the outer reaches of the visible map Enhances the lighting for the maps, makes them brighter, with less darkening Increases visibility range Take a look at my other mods on Curse Arasgrandpa's Mods DISCLAIMER I make, modify, compile, these mods for my own personal in game use. They change the...

Grandpa's Favorite Voices and Sounds Mod

May 24, 2016 Release
NEW VERSION SINCE 0.9.14 - Read below for changes My original audio mod with various voices and the reload command no longer is working in 0.9.14 due to a change in the sound engine. While I learn the new sound tool and re-establish a working Grandpa’s Sound Mod, I have put together a collection of various sound mods that work well with the new WG sounds. This mod adds three things to the WG sounds. Reload notification. You get the “UP” command when the gun is loaded. Now in English Minnions...
Custom Icons

Ammo, Equipment, Crew Icons

May 24, 2016 Release
NOW ALL Options are included in one download, please see instructions at bottom to change. Please see website for more information Custom Ammo, Crew, and Equipment Icons Custom icons for the vehicles, ammo, equipment, consumables, crew, ranks, and skills and perks for the game. Inside the folder res_mods/gui/maps/icons/artefacts you will find some additional icons that you may prefer, just rename them for the original and use them. Crew icons have multiple medals for each country, for example...
Contours V2 by T_I_G_E_R_S

Contours V2 by T_I_G_E_R_S

May 07, 2016 Release
Class coloured contours, with special amd premium tanks highlighted by text colouring
Hi Ho Silver contours

Hi Ho Silver contours

May 05, 2016 Beta
Silver contours with name of tank coloured dependant on class (IE Green text for a light tank)

GiQu's Contour Icon Mod

Apr 14, 2016 Inactive
GiQu's Contour Icon Mod For World of Tanks (Europe Server) Meaning of the icons Light Tank = Green Medium Tank = Yellow Heavy Tank = Red Tank Destroyer = Blue SPG = Magenta Premium Tank = Orange Star Instructions Copy to "...\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\ ...".
Clock Date Time

Clock in Hangar

Apr 11, 2016 Release
Currently requires manual install. Unarchive files into the World of Tanks game directory. They should be three folders in the res_mods/0.x.x/ directory, gui, scripts, config-examples. Configuration including location change via the ConfigHangarClock.xml file Additional configurations included in the config-examples directory. To change copy the configHangarClock.xml file into the res_mods/x.x.x/gui/flash directory More details

Grandpa's KISS Crosshairs

Apr 03, 2016 Release
This is my mod of the Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) Crosshairs. On screen info includes: Loading time rounds in clip % health Meters to target In arty, time to target Traverse indicator for arty and TD In the sniper mod, you can see the enemy armor ratings ===== Installation ===== INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Copy/move the gui and scripts directories from the archive (zip) file to res_mods/x.x.x directory, where x.x.x is the current game version OPTIONS Under the OPTIONS directory in the archive...