fun tank layout

Terra! 3D Tactical Battle Designer

Feb 25, 2015 Beta
This is Terra! What is it? My 2 year long project to develop a 3D tactical design tool for clans to use. It has a server and a client so you can host or join planning sessions. This is in beta.. (read might not work as expected) There is an email at the end in the help file.. please send comments and report anything strange Terra! is doing. The server will need a good solid broadband connection if you are going to host more than a few users... DSL if its fast enough will work. typical...
6th sense

TasteDaBomb's 6th sense Icon

Apr 19, 2015 Release
My 6th sense Icon as requested by "The People". Yes, that is all there is to it. Place in World of Tanks folder. Cheers!


May 03, 2014 Mature
the forums on WoT asked for tankmen ranks to be redone the original "big" icons were relit the new "big" icons were re-scaled & replaced the "small" icons standard installation for unzip in WoT game folder (file contains folders "res_mods\0.9.0\gui\maps\icons\tankmen\ranks")
Tank Day Garage

TankDay Hangar

May 04, 2014 Release
This is the original WG TankDay (Sept 11) hangar, converted to USA. Includes the following changes: Custom skins for all display tanks SturmTiger on display Includes in game USA tanks red, white, and blue bunting USA Flag Numerous USA Recruiting posters. Install with Curse client or to install manually, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game directory. Do not copy the cursemod directory, that is used by the Curse client only.
SPG Shot Timer

SPG Shot Timer and Reload Timer

Jun 01, 2012 Release
The purpose of this mod is to show the time it will take for your arty shell to reach its target. It shows total shot travel time and when you fire it also counts down, when the countdown reaches zero it goes Boom! Install the mod files to 'C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.7.4\gui\flash\' Included in the package is my Vanilla Countdown Mod v1.3 (freshly updated). Extract the zip and open the SPG Shot Timer folder then copy the gui folder and paste into this folder...
Solo's Minimalism Info Panel

Solo's Minimalism Info Panel

Apr 20, 2014 Release
A very simple informative panel appears when you move the sight on the enemy tank and the monitor displays useful information. Information about the enemy: View Range. Reload time. Suitable for any arcade, sniper and artillery sight! This mod is a part of my ModPack Installer with Mod Previews which can be downloaded and information is on WoT forums List of mods inside modpack. Minimal Distraction, Maximum Gaming Experience.

Smooth Scope Zoom (30x, 10lvl) by Artasan

Feb 12, 2015 Release
MOD: This is 30x, 10 levels Sniper Zoom config of mine for ZoomX mod (included). Zoom level indicator. Best for hunting bugs on enemy tank from 500m distance =) ATTENTION! IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH EXTRA CHARACTERS NEXT TO ZOOM INDICATOR (LIKE "\c;") - USE IN ARCHIVE INCLUDED CONFIG FILES! (FULL REINSTALL). How to install: Extract archive into the root folder of the game (with overwrite confirmations). Check out My other WoT MOD's and Configs. Author of the MOD: koshnaranek

SimpleVM (simple xvm config)

May 12, 2014 Release
Info " I want to put XVM, but I don't like complex and colorful screen. " " There is no need for a lot of information, but the minimum amount of information is necessary " So i made..... - Simple configuration. - High visibility. - Minimap support the view range of the tanks. - Easy to customize. Update & Note v1.3.4 / 2014_05_13 this Update is not important adapted XVM-5.3.0 Change the display on the large playerspanel add optional files. ( add a simple scaled color-coded. ) Description...

Simple Contour Icons

Feb 21, 2015 Inactive
This my current contour icons that I am working on, this is work in progress but wanted to share If people want to use them. I will post new updates when they happen, enjoy.

show credits

Sep 28, 2012 Inactive
you can see how many credits you will earn in battles.
Sherman229's XVM Config

Sherman229's XVM

Feb 24, 2015 Release
This is a XVM mod for World of Tanks. Info XVM Website How To Install Extract the files into your World of Tanks folder. Don't forget to activate it on the XVM website. Screenshots

Sauron 6th Sense with sound

Feb 15, 2015 Release
Content: Version for a clean WoT-Installation and no XVM Version with XVM and Sound: You can not hide and I can see you Installation Instructions: 1. Unpack the file 2. Choose if you like version with sound or the version without sound (everything is included in the zip-file): Option A: You just want the icon and you dont want to install xvm 3. Copy noXVM-nosound\res_mods from this package to your WoT-directory 4. Enjoy Option B: You use XVM an just want the icon *1 3. Copy SixthSense.png to...

Ritterkreuz 3.1

Apr 01, 2015 Release
Download 3.1 allready now because after the release of WoT 0.9.7 it will take a week or more until I can upload my mod again When 0.9.7 is released, just move the following files from World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.6 to the same place in World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.7. But before that you have to copy the audio folder from res to res_mods/0.9.7 login_bg.png in the gui/maps/login folder. gui_sounds.xml in the gui folder hangar_music.fsb and hangar_music.fev in the audio folder ingame_voice.fsb and...
Sixth Sense image

Ritterkopf 1.0

Feb 23, 2015 Release
This little add-on mod will replace the Sixth Sense light bulb with a skull and crossbones (see the picture but it looks better ingame). With the xvm alternative you will also hear the commander shout "Scheisse! Zuruck!" and "Zuruck! Schnell!" which means something like "Damn! Back off!" and "Back off! Fast!" If you don´t prefer german tanks you can easily get rid of this sounds by deleting the xvm.fsb and xvm.fev files from World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.6/audio The image will still remain...


Feb 09, 2013 Inactive
This mod will help people, by adding sounds and auto clicking in the mini map showing current enemy position, the ones you spotted, and the ones that will try to attempt to flank the player. This mod also comes with where to aim guide, by the sound telling the name of the tank you're facing and it's available weakspot. Also it comes in handy when you're hit as it will tell you where you were shot. Like the computer will tell you that @ theres a tank in that bush!@ and point a arrow to it. It...

PizzaCat's XVM Config

Jun 13, 2014 Release
PizzaCat's XVM configuration for World of Tanks 9.x & XVM 5.x.x Additional Contour Icons - Full XVM config - (SEA) Clan Icons - Remember username/password for SEA Client - Minimap Mods: View Range, Angle, Spotting Range, Tank & Player names. - Simple yet effective OTM - Detailed Hitlog - Stock Turret Indicator - color codes for wn7 ranges.
PizzaCat's Contour Icon Mod (3D)

PizzaCat's Contour Icon Mod

Jun 13, 2014 Release
Contour Icon Mod for World of Tanks Has 4 variants - - (Styled) Flat Icon Version - (Styled) 3D Icon Version - (Simple) Contour Icon Version - (Simple) Contour Icon Version without Tank names. The icon mod is specifically designed to be used with PizzaCat's XVM configuration.
Image 1

Panther - Command tank

Jun 20, 2012 Release
This mod replace standard model of panther to its historcal command modification... Also this model is more detail then default from WG

Paintball Mod

Feb 13, 2015 Release
The Paintball mod displays you all the hits received by your or other tanks as colored dots. There are two versions: green/blue: -green: no penetration -blue: penetration hits green/red: -green: no penetration -red: penetration hits Installation: Copy/move the folder you've chosen into your World of Tanks root folder (Default: C:\Games\World_of_Tanks) Important If you install via Curse Client, the blue/green version will be installed! If you don't want to install via Curse Client, go to...

Olive Tech Tree

Dec 25, 2014 Release
Olive Tech Tree by Unabooboo Alters the color of the Tech Tree and changes the graphics slightly. Changes done by Mod Gives the Tech Tree a Olive Color shade. Changes the Tech Tree Buttons Will work with both standard Horizontal Tech Tree or Modified Vertical Tech Tree such as ReCo's Vertical Tech Tree. Included in Zip File : 1Folders - 1 folder containing the files needed for the mod ( already in folder tree structure ) 4 Images - Example Images Text File ( Read Me ) - All the info and...