Vehicle namechange mod

Nov 05, 2012 Inactive
This mod changes some vehicle names into better/clearer ones. For example, (most of) the M# series are changed into their respective nicknames. For a complete list of changes, see Here How to install: Copy the complete LC_MESSAGES folder in 'res\text\' to 'red_mods\0.8.1\text\'. If the 'text' folder in 'res_mods\0.8.1\' doesn't exist, make one. Copy the files from the .rar to 'res_mods\0.8.1\text\LC_MESSAGES'. Overwrite.
Reload timer

Vanilla reticle with reload timer and health percent

Aug 03, 2012 Inactive
The mod uses the default reticle that comes with tanks and is updated where needed. It has a reload timer and a health feature.
US Posters

US Posters for Garage

Apr 18, 2014 Release
Replaces the generic and Russian posters in the garage with US recruiting and pin-up posters. Works with both premium and basic garage.
US Garage

US Non-Premium Garage

Aug 19, 2013 Release
This garage is very clean. Designed for 0.8.7 and above. Adds US recruiting and motivational posters to the walls, cleans the garage and makes it as nice as the premium garage.

USA WoWP Hangar

Dec 13, 2013 Inactive
STOPPED WORKING CORRECTLY IN 8.10 ... INACTIVE WHILE I TROUBLESHOOT World of Warplanes Hangar modified into a World of Tanks Garage. Replaces both premium and non-premium hangars. Originally released to public domain by Niurko on the Russian sites, modified and reskinned by Arasgrandpa to be a USA Garage. Modifications include a US flag, US Armored Car, US Motorcycle, and US recruiting posters. A large and bright hangar with plenty of props. Version 5 includes flags for Canada, US Marine...
USA Pinup Garage

USA Pinup Hangar

Oct 17, 2013 Release
This is the non-premium garage with pinup posters, recruiting posters, enhanced graphics for floors, doors, piping etc.
Twilight Sparkle M18 Hellcat

Twilight Sparkle M18 Hellcat

Sep 25, 2012 Inactive
It's pony time! Twilight Sparkle remodel for M18 Hellcat. Compatible with M18 skins. No ingame camo due to changed camo map( In "Alternative stuff" folder: dismantled machine gun for first turret and sad Twi for crash model. Original post in My Little Pony Skin (and Mod) Depository thread of NA forum.
Tutorial Garage

Tutorial Hangar - Premium and Non

Feb 19, 2014 Release
This replaces both of the in game garages with the Tutorial garage. Images shown are with Grandpa's Content Mods for the "props" around the field. I suggest using Grandpa's Content Mods or Military Vehicles Mods to get the full effect. Not included with this download because they also change the images on all maps , not just the garage. Grandpa's Content mods Grandpa's Military Vehicle Mod
Trixie E75-1

Trixie E75

Sep 25, 2012 Inactive
Great and Powerful Trixie on nearly as Great and Powerful E75 Just another model, made a while ago. Kept forgetting to upload. In alternative stuff- both turrets without hat. Original postin My Little Pony Skin (and Mod) Depository thread of NA forum.
Tree Sway Remover

Tree Sway Remover

Jan 13, 2014 Release
A mod to remove tree sway


Dec 14, 2012 Inactive
This mod will replace your standard Sixth Sense indicator bulb with one featuring Admiral Ackbar and his famous line. -Made using the battle.swf file from XVM Installation: Drop the 'gui' folder into your most recent res_mods\version# folder. -OR- Manually install the contained 'battle.swf' file to res_mods\version#\gui\flash Author: Nagatron
Topographical Map


Feb 11, 2014 Release
Topographical Minimap Mod for World of Tanks Here are some previews of the next version 2.0


Jun 14, 2013 Inactive
Thundersnails Danske klan ikoner (XVM) / Thundersnail's danish clan icons (XVM) This Zip-file contains clan-logos of all the Danish clans I could identify. This will make it easier to spot other Danish players on FFA-servers. Jeg har samlet alle de danske klan ikoner jeg kunne finde. Så det er nemt at spotte andre danskere på serveren. Pakken indeholder 111 danske klaner + NADIV, AOS, A0S, AOS-T som kun er Delvist danske. Klaner der ikke indeholder noget der kan identificere dem som danske,...

TheSuperbird Slothlamp Mod

Dec 13, 2013 Release
Replaces the Sixth Sense icon with a lovable sloth Simply overwrite the SixthSense.png file with this one and you're good to go! The SixthSense.png icon is located in <WoT Directory>\res_mods\xvm\res
Sample 2

The Mighty Jingles sixth sense icon(s)

Nov 06, 2013 Release
Created this just for fun but it seems pretty popular among his Facebook and Youtube subscribers. So by popular demand, here it is for you to grab. Who is Jingles you say?? Look here if you don't know and see the icon in action. I'm not a real modder so here goes. I only tried it with XVM. I have no experience making mods so forgive me if it doesn't work or I said the wrong thing. I think there enough "nerds" here who could tell me/us how to it properly. Look up...

The Big Packs of WWII Propaganda Music

Jan 13, 2014 Release
Update:It seem there gonna be more than 100 new authentic song , and I will also fix the volume in the garage(Thanks for mention it). Update:I doubt you guys want 2GB file of music, I will try and compress them some how. 8.11 Update There isn't, the sound pack still work but I'm working on the Hyper Profanity COH voice pack. This isn't generic like every other COH mods,this is special. Here a heart <3 other moders wouldn't give you a heart wouldn't they? Here another heart not as special...

Terra! 3D Tactical Battle Designer

Nov 30, 2013 Inactive
This is my latest project. Its called.. Terra! Usability test 1 This app will display the maps from World Of Tanks in 3D. It does NOT display them as nice and does not manage LOD. Terra! is designed to be a strategic battle designer that allows placing tanks on the maps as they are in the game.. so that a more realistic idea of how a tanks position relates to the actual terrain, cover, other tanks and of course.. enemy artillery. You will have a number of tanks from each nation to pick from...

Terminator's XVM 1.0.5 - 0.8.5 (de_en)

May 25, 2013 Inactive
(en) This is my first XVM-modification for World of Tank and it's completely in german language. But i've built another one in english language. I hope you like it. (de) Dies ist meine erste XVM-Modifikation für World of Tanks und sie ist komplett auf deutsch. Aber ich habe auch eine andere in enlisch geschrieben. Ich hoffe sie wird euch gefallen. (de) Im Ladebildschirm, bzw. der Statistik wird jetzt die Effizienz, Gefechte gesamt und Gefechte mit dem Panzer des jeweiligen Spielers angezeigt....


Jan 13, 2014 Inactive
the forums on WoT asked for tankmen ranks to be redone the original "big" icons were relit the new "big" icons were re-scaled & replaced the "small" icons standard installation for 0.8.10 unzip in WoT game folder (file contains folders "res_mods\0.8.10\gui\maps\icons\tankmen\ranks")
Tank Day Garage

TankDay Hangar

Jan 11, 2014 Release
This is the original WG TankDay (Sept 11) hangar, converted to USA. Includes the following changes: Custom skins for all display tanks SturmTiger on display Includes in game USA tanks red, white, and blue bunting USA Flag Numerous USA Recruiting posters. Install with Curse client or to install manually, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game directory. Do not copy the cursemod directory, that is used by the Curse client only.