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Verbuls Re-Skinned train fuel tanker

Mar 11, 2013 Inactive
This mod reskins the basic round fuel hauler on the traincars. installation extract the folder "content" into your 0.8.4 directory or current versions directory. Enjoy

Vehicle namechange mod

Nov 05, 2012 Inactive
This mod changes some vehicle names into better/clearer ones. For example, (most of) the M# series are changed into their respective nicknames. For a complete list of changes, see Here How to install: Copy the complete LC_MESSAGES folder in 'res\text\' to 'red_mods\0.8.1\text\'. If the 'text' folder in 'res_mods\0.8.1\' doesn't exist, make one. Copy the files from the .rar to 'res_mods\0.8.1\text\LC_MESSAGES'. Overwrite.
Reload timer

Vanilla reticle with reload timer and health percent

Aug 03, 2012 Inactive
The mod uses the default reticle that comes with tanks and is updated where needed. It has a reload timer and a health feature.