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Mav's Clan Message Center

Jan 29, 2015 Release
Minor Update Minor update to allow custom color selection. Now the Author, MOTD, Meeting, Tournament, and Clanwars sections can be colored according to your preferences. Fully backwards compatible with the previous version, users who don't upgrade will simply see the previous default colors instead of your new custom choices. All colors are configured in the primary message file. Mav's...

World of Tanks Girls Und Panzer English voice mod

Jan 20, 2015 Planning
(English Version) Features: All of the girls voices/reactions fit very closely to the action in battle. Real tank terms are used and are very intuitive to the action (pens, bounces, module damage and repair, crew deaths, spotted, etc.) There is a large variety of sounds for each action in game so sounds are not repeated regularly. Approximately 20 different intros to each battle cut from some of the funniest/best scenes in Girls Und Panzer. The girls warn you when sixth sense triggers and...

World of Tanks Megamind Voice Mod

Jan 15, 2015 Planning
Features: All of Megamind's reactions fit very closely to the action in battle. The sounds are very intuitive to the action (pens, bounces, module damage and repair, crew deaths, spotted, etc.) There is a large variety of sounds for each action in game so sounds are not repeated regularly. Many different intros to each battle cut from some of the funniest/best scenes in Megamind. Megamind warns you when sixth sense triggers and there is a custom Sixth Sense image as well. It's very difficult...

Ritterkreuz Music 1.1

Jan 01, 2015 Planning
Important before installation! You have to copy the current audio folder from World_of_Tanks/res to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.5 and the main mod Ritterkreuz shall be installed before this add-on (except if you only want the music). An optional music and effects add-on for my mod Ritterkreuz. It contains the latest versions of the songs and effects but I named the file to 1.1 because it is the first time I divide the music from the main mod. This is for easier downloading and to make it...

Ritterkreuz 2.8

Jan 01, 2015 Release
Important before installation! You have to copy the current audio folder from World_of_Tanks/res to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.5 This mod is primarily made for those who prefer german vehicles in World of Tanks and will give you a new voice and sound effects setup. Unfortunately it is still not possible to make them inactive when driving allied tanks so you will hear german words in every battle. But with such entertaining sounds I personaly do not care much about it. Just do like me and...
Berlin - Victory day garage

Berlin - Victory day garage

Dec 31, 2014 Release
This fancy garage mod was an official event garage back in May 2013. With the help of some other guys from the forum (mentioned below), we keep it updated. Ready to roll-out package "Berlin 9th may" hangar with optional German or USSR crew and ambient sound of _Kriegstreiber_ . Works with both standard and premium hangars. Installation - Hangar only Download Unpack Copy folder res_mods from ...\Hangar_Berlin_9th_May\Mod_base\ to game folder, overwrite files. Installation - Hangar with Germans...

DeathMatch announcer

Dec 27, 2014 Beta
This small mod provides deathmatch announcer for world of tank battles with the following announces: Battle: 'First Blood' (Quake) - after first kill in battle Team: 'Well Done' (MK) - Player's team has 3 more kills then enemy has 'Excellent' (MK) - Player's team has 5 more kills than enemy has 'Outstanding' (MK) - Player's team has 7 more kills than enemy has 'Brutality' (MK) - Player's team has 10 more kills than enemy has 'Fatality' (MK) / 'Flawless Victory' (MK)- Player's team has 15 more...

Sauron 6th Sense with sound

Dec 26, 2014 Release
Content: Version for a clean WoT-Installation and no XVM Version with XVM and Sound: You can not hide and I can see you Installation Instructions: 1. Unpack the file 2. Choose if you like version with sound or the version without sound (everything is included in the zip-file): Option A: You just want the icon and you dont want to install xvm 3. Copy noXVM-nosound\res_mods from this package to your WoT-directory 4. Enjoy Option B: You use XVM an just want the icon *1 3. Copy SixthSense.png to...

Metal Gear Solid 6th sense with sounds

Dec 26, 2014 Release
This mod replaces the default light bulb with the MGS ! sign and plays the MGS Alert sound as well. Demo Prerequisite: This mod require xvm full/xvm lite (latest version) for alert sound to working Installation: 1. Copy folder "audio" from World_of_Tanks/res/ to World_of_Tanks/res_mods/0.9.5/ 2. Copy "res_mods" folder from package to WoT main folder(for example: C:/Program Files/World of Tanks/ ) * There's also no-xvm version in the package(without sound) * For everyone who would like to have...
Historical Realism Gun Sound Mod

HR Gun Sound Mod

Dec 25, 2014 Release
A World of Tanks sound mod that I have put alot of effort and time into. I features: -Alot of new gun sounds (some even dedicated to a single specific gun) thanks to scripts. -The gun sounds differs very much from a close to long range, creating an atmospheric and authentic experience. -New sounds of shell traces, from the supersonic bullet crack of a 20mm bullet to the "freight train" of a 155mm shell flying above you. -Sounds of guns reloading in sniper mode. Autoloaders have their very own...

[0.9.5] German Panzerlieder

Dec 24, 2014 Release
Overview This mod is a compilation of one of the most famous german military marches and other artworks. It contains a period from the german empire till today. Also prussian marches are included. Installation 1. Download the 2. Copy the res/audio folder into your res_mods/0.9.5 folder 3. Upack the archive into your res_mods/0.9.5/audio folder 4. Enjoy Download Full Music list Combat - Alte...

Gnomefather's engines

Dec 22, 2014 Release
Visit my blog or my Facebook page to get updates instantly. Gnomefather's Mods Blog Gnomefather's Mods Facebook Or VKontakte: This is a engine sound pack that modifies the exisitng sounds in World of Tanks to more realistic or improved sounds. This mod includes: -Imporved engine sounds that really sounds like engines. Hear the revs of the Iosif Stalin 2 or the growling sound of the Panther. -Alot of new sounds for each engine, by using scripts! -A lot of...

Goldchicken's ClassicalmusicMod

Dec 12, 2014 Planning
My first mod ever published. It changes the World of Tank's soundtrack in a combination of the best classical music pieces ever created. It improves your gaming skills and calms you after frustrating defeates. If you are wondering which music I used just send me a private message on WoT ( GoldChicken ) Installation - Make sure to Backup your res/audio folder Copy all downloaded files into Games/World_of_Tanks/res/audio and just copy and replace. If you only want the hangar sound you copy and...

[0.9.4+] Sounds instead of crew voices

Dec 09, 2014 Release
No mater how great crew voices mod you install, you will get bored of them after several battles. Not mentioning original ones ;) I've prepared a voicepack which replaces crew voices with short&simple sounds. After installing this, your tank crew will stop talking at all. You will get short sound notifications instead. All non-important sounds were removed, leaving only ones worth attention of experienced player. Installing this mod will also save a bit of RAM during the game. NOTE: If you're...

Code Brown Sixth Sense With Sound

Nov 16, 2014 Release
Installation Instructions: All you have to do is extract the files into your world of tanks directory. A recent version of XVM is required to run this mod. This mod is updated for world of tanks version 0.9.5 For all you nerds out there or just people worried about viruses:

german music mod_3345

Nov 10, 2014 Release
german music (33-45) in intro,victory,defeat,draw.main war ambiente in combat copy res/audio to -->>> res_mods/0.9.x then.... install german music (music.fev music_gmm_3345.fsb) mod files (Copy and overwrite)

Aslain's Gold Premium Tanks

Nov 05, 2014 Release
This mod is changing garage icons of premium vehicles into a gold color.

Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle List Icons

Nov 05, 2014 Release
Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle List Icons It's simply a mod for a custom small icons on Tech-Tree and Vehicle List in Garage. Used colors are matching my own class coloring style, which I use in my all mods and XVM: - red - Heavy Tanks - yellow - Medium Tanks - green - Light Tanks - blue - Tank Destroyers - violet SPG's
Millbarge's 6th Sense Sound Mod Alert

Millbarge's 6th Sense Sound Mod

Sep 27, 2014 Release
A Mod for your 6th Sense Skill that includes custom "Millbarge" imagery and over 800 different quotes from Film and Television to alert you to danger TO INSTALL: Unzip into the "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods" Folder. PLEASE NOTE: You will need to COPY your entire "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res\audio" folder into your "C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.2" and you will need XVM installed for this to work. another small feature i wanted to mention is that i have made the 6th sense icon...

Grandpa's Favorite Voices and Sounds Mod

Sep 26, 2014 Release
Includes Weapons and Hits Sounds - See change log for latest version I have tried many voice and audio mods in the past, but most of them were prior to 8.0 and did not contain voices for all the new events. This mod uses some of the voices from many of my favorite games and includes sounds for all events. WG has several events not yet activated in game, I have included sounds for those also, so when activated, the mod will be ready. Voices Include: Russian (Heavy) from TF2 Duke Nukem...