Elkano's Minimap Ping Spam Blocker

Jul 27, 2016 Release
This modification will block minimap ping spam by enforcing certain restrictions: Within a given timeframe (10 seconds by default) a player can only create a given number (3 by default) minimap pings to different and a single ping to an individual cell. Further pings will be noted and keep that player blocked.

4HOTA Login Screen

Jul 27, 2016 Release
9.15.1 Ready ...The 4HOTA Login Screen changes the stock login in pictures, where your email & password goes, with 41 random pictures of real tanks throughout history. (WWI to present day). Every time you login to WOT you will see a different tank picture. EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS

Damage Panel w/ Angle Indicator, HitLog, Center CTRL Repair and Repair Timer |SoloReborn|

Jul 27, 2016 Release
Description: Damage Panel with Angles and Advanced HitLog In front of every tank there's a little white indicator showing the direction where your tank is pointing at Credits: KillerEnte94 [EU] (for letting me continue support of this mod) GambitER [RU] (for his Advanced HitLog) Xft [EU] (for their HitLog config) Installation: 1. Install DamageLog.otf font from folder "1_Font" 2. From folder "2_DamagePanels" choose a Damage Panel you wish to install use the preview image to help. 3. Open a...
Premium_ 1


Jul 26, 2016 Release
9.15.1 Ready..4HOTA ''LIGHTS OUT GARAGE''. This mod changes the stock hanger to a garage that looks like someone has turned out the lights. All that can be seen is your tank and what the lights shinning through the windows and doors illuminate. Premium Garage Standard Garage Credits
4HOTA Paint Ball Damage

4HOTA Paint Ball Damage

Jul 26, 2016 Release
9.15.1 READY ...This mod will improve your game play by marking a penetrated shot with a green paintball splatter and a red splatter on non penetrated shot. You will know where to aim your next shot and not waste it on a Non penetrating shot. Unlike other paintball mods that have multi color chart that are hard to recognize and remember what color is what, 4Hota paintball is simple....Green splatter you aim for and red splatter you don' just that simple. Easy to install.. Paint Ball...
4HOTA Mark Of Excellent

4HOTA Mark Of Excellence

Jul 26, 2016 Release
9.15.1 READY ... 4HOTA Mark of Excellence.We are all proud of our Marks of Excellence so why not use a mod that will help you see others and your own.This mod will help your hard earned Mark of Excellence show up like a 1st place trophy. All Marks are distinctive but not to bold. EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS A 'Sofa Edition'

4HOTA Base Cap Circles V.1

Jul 26, 2016 Release
9.15.1 READY >> 4HOTA Cap Circles. < Added new 6 colors ,Aqua ,blue, red , yellow, purple & orange > + Hand Grenade, Camo, Army Helmet ,Skull Top Hat,Train Tracks , Prince Symbol , Pink Camo , Bulldog , YOLO , Swag ,Open, Rock&Roll , Skull, WOT, Radiation, Atomic, Cow Skull , Tie Die , Neon Splash ,Water, Tan Granite, Helmet , Grey Granite , Flame Red , Flame Blue , Flame Black , Black Granite, + 6 more. Change your generic Cap Circle to one you can enjoy,.....39 to choose from.... EASY to...
Iron Cross

4HOTA Base Cap circles v.2

Jul 26, 2016 Release
9.15.1 ready . 4HOTA Cap Circles. FLAG EDITION .Change your generic Cap Circle to one you can enjoy, 24 Different Nation flags to choose from. EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS A ' Hawg Edition'

4HOTA ''Arty MiniMap Aim''

Jul 24, 2016 Planning
This mod will give you the upper hand. When you're in a arty the stock minimap has been changed by adding a crosshair that points at what your pointing at. Most good arty players use the minimap as a major tool in battle. This mod will allow you to pinpoint your target faster while the crosshairs are moving across the map.This advantage will make the difference......This mod is a must for all arty players..Works with XVM only. 6 crosshairs to pick from .Easy to install.. Works great with any...

Clan Icons for XVM North America

Jul 20, 2016 Release
Some of you, like me, have gotten frustrated that XVM has stopped producing their icon packs. And, unless you know a lot about mods, the existing icon packs no longer work. So I created a new icon pack. Just unzip into your World of Tanks folder. (typically c:\games\World_of_Tanks) Only 1 person downloaded the Delta file. So I'm not going to do them any more. Sorry for the delay on this new release but it's summer and I've been crazy busy. Enjoy this new release. 02/2016: I know its been a...
mini map flags by 4hota

4HOTA mini map flags

Jul 19, 2016 Release
4HOTA mini map flags ! Trump_V_Hillary added to "Just for Fun File"."Mini map flags. Use these as a different twist on the generic "green" and "red" flags used on the basic mini map. All countries are listed in the file. There are 62 different variations you can make.Also added 4 just for FUN ;), Simply pick the flag of the country you want to be and the flag of the enemy country and follow the the directions. Feel free to visit . to See more Info & projects....

Players panel buttons by 4hota

Jul 18, 2016 Release
Fubar, Skill, Derp, Fury, Rebel, Skulls, Bacon, Beer, Yolo, Pimp ..... 4HOTA made it possible to add this to the Players panel button . Ever just want something different in that spot but still have the ability to change the size of the players panel? Or just add a saying or a picture to that spot . We have 3 different versions with 11 variations in each. This is File v1,v2,v3 , so you will have .....33 different to pick from. To install simply open the file and look at the images to pick the...


Jul 18, 2016 Release
4 versions "COLORBLIND" & Regular, USA & Canada. Our Old Englishman here at 4hota has made his on version of tank shells, that replace the stock shells that you see in the garage and battle, when you run out of shells you will see a flag in empty slot, example USA Flag, . We at 4HOTA like to call this mod "LynnPaul Bullets" EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS
Large Clock

Garage Clocks

Jul 18, 2016 Release
. 4HOTA Garge Clocks .We have made a few clocks for your garage. They are a little different from the stock clock. There are a number to choose from. Simply download the file and look at the options. Feel free to visit . Also the full list of 4HOTA mods here. EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS
Blank Contour PP Large

No tank contours by 4HOTA

Jul 18, 2016 Release
4HOTA No tank contours. Like the minimalist approach? We have blank contours. Yep, we took the time to make nothing for you to download. I know, I know.... nobody has ever gone as far as we have, for you, before. The real description is that the tank contours are no longer on the load in screen OR on the players panel. This has been known to improve your fps some. You can download them from right here. If you want to see more mods by 4HOTA you can visit us here EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS


Jul 12, 2016 Planning
Eng: M.L- Warg (or Multi Launcher Wargaming ) is a small program that lets you collect 3 shortcuts games wargaming ( World of Tanks , World of Warships and World of Warplanes ) in 1 desktop shortcut (3 in 1). More space on your desktop and launch your favorite games quickly. FR: M.L-Warg ( ou Multi Launcher Wargaming) est un petit programme qui vous permet de rassembler les 3 raccourcis des jeux wargaming (World of Tanks, World of Warships et World of Warplanes) en 1 seul raccourci bureau (3...

" Hawg's " Alternative 4HOTA XVM

Jul 10, 2016 Release
Country Boy's XVM is a simple Laid back XVM. It is FREE of all that Bling, Glitter and Bright Lights. If simple is what you want try " Hawg's " XVM . It's a lot like 4HOTA XVM but just a bit more simpler. The "Hawg " is a simpler with less traditional xvm colors ( just 5 colors ) which is less confusing. The Markers Alive file is toned down a bit too, all to help you focus on the.. battle .Like "4HOTA XVM" this version also keeps track of... "Mark of Excellence " in garage and "Hit point...
focus fire


Jul 09, 2016 Release
4HOTA TARGET ARROW ,This mod . Replace the standard marker attacks arrow. This mod will help you to see wher to focus fire on enemy ,from teammates request , it simply changes the visual appearance of the marker.There is 7 colors to pick from,Yellow,Red,Green,Blue,Purple,White & Black EASY TO INSTALL CREDITS

WoW style XVM

Jul 08, 2016 Release
This is a full XVM configuration designed to make efficiency colors WoW alike. Player efficiency will be colored with the World of Warcraft's default quality (rarity) ratings, like below: NOTE: After you install this mod,you MUST go to XVMMOD.COM, sign in and then select Activate Statistics to see any player statistics. If you have already done this, disregard NOTE: Originally developed by LrdStudio, due to real life obligations was no longer able to keep it updated on a timely basis. He...
KISS Standard

Grandpa's KISS Interface (XVM)

Jul 08, 2016 Release
PLEASE READ ALL OF DESCRIPTION FOR CHANGES Please review this page for changes between versions Grandpa's XVM Editions This is ONLY the XVM version, not Grandpa's KISS Battle Interface (AIO) to get the All-in-One, please go here Grandpa's KISS AIOs Most curent download KISS XVM KISS XVM Configuration with Standard and Enhanced Installation After download, copy the res_mods directory in the archive to your World of Tanks game folder. Or to do it manually, copy the following from the res_mods...